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Hello everyone,
I need a little help monetizing or getting ideas about what I can do with my passion. How can I build an empire and start getting paid
There are many tutorials and free guides on doing this kind of movement. Any ideas from you would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Pavelyk
    Great video!

    Here's a few ideas:

    - Join the You Tube partner programme, keep making videos & get paid on the views.
    - Start a blog. From your blog you can build an email list, give training, mindset tips, sell affiliate products related to your niche.
    - Create your own products to sell yourself & find affiliates in your niche to sell your products to their email list.

    There are lots of different fundamentals to your skill. Fitness, strength, mindset, nutrition, technique, gymnastics etc. You have a wealth of knowledge that people will be interested in.

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      If that video is any indication of your methodology - good luck with that. lol

      Cheers. - frank
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    Maybe choose less offensive background tracks? That's cool and all if you're into gangster rap, but that doesn't mean that everyone will share your enthusiasm for hearing racist remarks while watching you do flips.

    As far as how to monetize, it seems fairly obvious- either open your own gym, make a product line or promote affiliate offers within the niche.

    There was nothing amazing in the video itself though....cool tricks, yes, but the Internet is full of them these days. You need more than gymnastics to stand out and again, the gangster rap is not the way to go since hood rats don't have any money. So you need to decide...do you just want to look cool or try to build an actual brand? Because you can't do both with no face time/commentary, racist music and tricks that we can see all day long on other channels on YouTube.

    Learn to sell like a pro through Web Synergy's marketing blog.

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    Barry's reply above has given you some great ideas on ways to monetise your passion and you may want to search on-line for "Membership Sites" and see if anyone has set up a membership web site to give people a structured & safe access to learn the skills needed for Parkour.

    A well run Membership Site will give you on-going income which can fund the other aspects which Barry mentioned.

    If you love making videos then you can mention your site in your videos and also put a link to your site.

    Good luck
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