Uh, for anyone who also owns Traffic Secrets 2.0, I need a favor...

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Hey guys, John Casement here. I must admit, today I am an absolute idiot. So, I'm shredding documents earlier, like a genius I was doing this while trying to go over all of the "blueprints" (the step-by-step guides on brightly colored cardstock paper) from Traffic Secrets 2.0. I think you know what's coming... yep... my car got stolen. Lol just kidding, I shredded the Adwords blueprint (of course it's the one I was most interested in). Not even the straight shred either (where I could have spent an hour putting it back together) - the thing was mulched beyond recognition. Soooo, I have a favor to ask anyone that also owns TS 2.0 - could anyone be kind enough to scan their adwords blueprint, or take a picture, or somehow get it onto their computer and PM it to me? I'll be seriously in your debt! Thanks guys, and have a great one (a better day than I'm having so far, anyways! ).

All the best,
John Casement
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    John, I will do it for you...sorry to hear that. It will be later today when I can get it done though as we are dealing with the whole house flooding situation.

    I will get it to you as soon as I can.
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  • Thanks for all of the help guys! I contacted them and they said that they can mail one out, but it would cost $10 for shipping... for a piece of paper . I PM'ed you Eric, if you're willing I'll take you up on your offer! And Rachelle, I do own the course (I actually won it in the contest Allen held a while back ). Anyways, thanks again guys!

    All the best,
    John Casement
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      I think you can contact the support desk.

      One of my CDs were broken, so I contacted them and they decided to send an ENTIRE new course out for free.
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