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I bought Op 2.4 two months ago and find it quite complicated to create a landing page so I went with Leadpages and I'm pretty satisfy with the converting results so far. Now I wanted to go back to Op for its Blog template, they are outstanding.. but I don't want to spend another $97 buck for a license. Can someone recommend a Blog theme that is equivalent or better than Op? By better I mean has to look amazing, thin line border, customizable. I don't like chunky looks.
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    Hey Successkid,

    I'm creating sales funnels for my customers using OptimizePress and its great. When it comes to a blog though, I would use a free theme as there are quite a few neat looking themes out there. You can Google "free WordPress theme" and you'll find quite a few....

    I recommend doing an image search to see the designs more easily.
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    I'm looking for a good Blog template. Right now my options are Profittheme, Thesis, and if these two aren't up to par with OP then I might as well buy OP again. I just love the Blog design in OP.
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    I can't speak to the blog template part but I have stopped using OP and moved to the WooThemes One Pager theme for my sales copy and I love it. It has a shorter learning curve and seems much more "responsive".

    Not sure if it helps or not but check it out here's one of my sites using it Slidest | Publish These 496 Life Hacks To Your Blog & Social Pages
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    I took a look at the One Pager theme you mention and they aren't really my type. It's too big and wide with 3 columns. It appears this theme only attract webinar folks. I'm looking for a much smaller width with right sidebar and dash lines that shows recent post. Width less than 700 pixel. The One Page theme doesn't look like this.
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      You can always use wordpress to build your blog and then just pick one of their themes.

      They updated their theme section and it has pretty current themes for free and you can use plugins to pretty much add whatever you need to them.
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    Here are some good alternatives, I found on internet..
    10 minute pages
    authority pro 3
    proaffiliate theme

    Please check your requirements....
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