Ever find a marketing loophole?

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Did you ever have a light bulb go off in your head that led to some quick profit? If it's all over and done with now, do you mind sharing?
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    If you have a great work ethic, then you don't need light bulb moments....because you're working and succeeding while others are sitting around looking for that "one little secret".

    Well, here's the secret- work hard and you'll eventually be successful. That's the ONLY way to guarantee success...and you'll get a heck of a lot more great ideas in the process as well.

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      A Loophole suggest ... a hole not meant to exist. So, when it's discovered someone eventually makes it a priority to close it.

      On the other hand ...

      A mentality or attitude is more dependable than a loophole, because no one can take it from you ... unless you let them. Plus, it's a more long term approach than looking for temporary loopholes in the fence -- that will eventually close without warning.

      The "mentality/attitude" I adopted that's given me the most light bulb moments and lead to my quickest profits is (drumroll please) ...

      "Doing Things Your Competition Hates to Do" (That your customers would like).

      The more effective things you find the more ...
      1. You instantly stand out in the minds of your prospects.
      2. It instantly separates you from the (business as usual) crowd.
      3. It instantly makes you more competitive.
      4. You'll instantly leapfrog over many experienced but lazy marketers who do just enough to get by (there's a ton of those).
      5. You'll build a more loyal following sooner.
      6. You'll instantly be harder to compete with.
      7. Competitors will "avoid" being tempted to challenge your niche.

      So, forget about loopholes ('smoop-holes') and focus more on attitude and mentality. Then you'll be armed and dangerous and equipped for the long haul.
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      Loopholes can work for the short term, but the problem is they almost always get discovered by others and your advantage isn't so great anymore. That or the thing you are trying to loophole discovers it and shuts it down.

      Being straight up and working harder and smarter than your competition is ALWAYS a sustainable strategy.

      I've done conversion work for many big companies such as Expedia, The Boston Globe, Kobo Books, Firestone and more...

      Kyle Chapman - CEO - Conversion Marketing Services a Conversion Rate Optimization Firm

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        When you find that hole you are suppose to ride the train while it lasts, and save the profit.

        Don't be like some people and fly first class 3 times a year until the loophole is patched

        'I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion'
        -Muhammad Ali

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