Is There a Warrior Near Columbus Ohio That can help us?

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I need your help. One of Becky's oldest friends is stranded in Columbus, OH. Myself and a few friends have sent some Paypal funds to Becky that Becky will Western Union to her friend, since there's no other way for us to get her any money in any reasonable amount of time. The problem is, she and her 14 year old son have been living in her car and now the brakes have gone out on it, so she can't even drive to a WU to pick it up. (Basics without the nitty gritty.. she moved to Wyoming for a guy, didn't work out, she made it to OH, ran out of money and the inevitable...)
Is there anyone near Columbus, OH who could possibly help this woman and her son get to a WU to pick up her money so we can get her back to Florida? It doesn't have to be today, since she needs to get the car to a shop and get back to us with how much more she needs to fix those brakes, but we at least want to get the car towed to a shop and her and her son off the street, and in the meantime, Becky has agreed to let me firesale her stuff to be sure we have enough to fix the car and get her home, so if you can't get there til tomorrow or Sunday, she'll make do for the moment knowing that we will be sending the cavalry. So if you're in or near Columbus OH, (I don't know how big the city is) please PM me if you can get this woman to a WU... Becky and I will return the favor ourselves... yours for the asking...

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