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I am just starting out with listbuilding and looking for some advice on where to find a free product, video series, post, ebook etc that can be used as my incentive to get people to submit their email address?

I am going to be focusing on the IM niche.

Any suggestions as to where to find this, I would be very grateful.

Many thanks
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    The easiest way to get hold of a high quality product for give away is buying some PLR products. However, buy these from only high quality sources like plrminimart or allprivatelablecontent etc. You might hire a ghostwriter to write a product for you but that will cost you more.
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      Hey Alice,

      I would not go the free route. Why not just pay a couple dollars and get something a little more premium..there are plenty of places. In this scenario, Google is your best friend!!

      Best of luck,

      Richy Burns

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        Hi Alice, why not create something unique of your own. You can use PLR but remember that the people receiving it will judge YOU on the quality of the giveaway. If they are not very impressed then they are unlikely to want to buy other stuff from you later on.

        It's not that hard to produce a short video or audio of your own. Just identify a need in your niche and provide some answers to it. Even if it takes you a couple of days to create your first one, it will be well worth it in the end.
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    Hi Alice,

    You should try creating your own gift that can compliment the product you will be promoting. Provide little pointers or summarized preview chapters that can lure and convert anyone that has downloaded your freebies. This will provide much better synergy than any other product out there.

    Being able to provide a quality freebie is good for impressing, but ultimately you would still want them to purchase your own product.
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      Welcome to the forum,

      I am of the camp that says create your own unique gift. It can be very simple, like a report of 2 or 3 pages. Just be sure it's something that will provide valuable information to the prospects in the niche.

      I see free PLR stuff used as "bait" all the time and wonder why the marketer can't put a little effort into the product so his/her prospects can verify the quality of information the seller is giving.

      If you're new to IM, I would think twice about dealing in the niche unless you have some specific knowledge, training, or experience in marketing. If you don't have something to offer that brands you as an authority, it's going to be hard to portray yourself as someone that knows what they're talking about.


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        As others have mentioned be very careful with where you get PLR content from.

        I recently bought a ready to sell PLR funnel with eBook front end and upsell. This is still in my pending solutions folder because the PLR eBook is horrific. There are spelling and grammatical mistakes, some so bad I cannot decipher the meaning of certain paragraphs and have just deleted them.

        Spend some time in this forum, what are the common questions being asked that get many responses. Create a simple one element solution to a question, "how to get traffic" becomes "how I got ... visitors from .... site.
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    It all really depends on what kind of list you are building and what niche.
    I would agree with the above comments that say you should create your own report rather than paying for some PLR that is more often than not of poor quality. Save yourself some time and money and put in a little thought and effort and you will ultimately reap the rewards.
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    I'd sign up with Resell Rights Weekly for their free trial and find a product there you can use as your offer. They've got lots of great stuff...
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      Before charging off to find some product you can give away, ask yourself "who do you want on your list?"

      You say you want to focus on the "IM niche", yet you don't have a clue about what to give away or where or how to get it.

      My guess is that you want to build a list to hammer with affiliate offers. Am I close?

      If so, then just about any POS PLR junk that promises instant wealth with no effort or investment should work. Bonus points is it alleges to be some "guru secret" THEY are hiding just to keep the would be subscriber down. The reason it doesn't really matter is that most of the people signing up won't even read the freebie, much less the following emails.

      I don't mean to sound harsh. Looking at diverse markets like IM/MMO, weight loss, fitness, etc. as "niches" just pushes one of my buttons.
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    Create it yourself. This is the easiest way. Or visit Tradebit to see what they have to offer in terms of resell rights/PLR products. The internet marketing niche is tough. I hope you know what you're getting into.
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    Type up something yourself. That's the only way you'll know it's of any quality.

    It doesn't have to be a novel. Create something of value that will impress them and make them wonder what else you have to offer.
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    Remember, you only get one chance to make a first impression. If your freebie is redundant junk that you found for free will they be enticed to buy your paid product?

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    If you decide to use a PLR product its best if you re-work the product. if you search for plr products in google there are many options.
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      Hands down the best Free gift is a personal video from you explaining how to solve a specific problem(s) you know your prospect has that no else has done and/or he'd have to normally pay for. Or a piece of unique software that compliments your follow up offer that they could use now.

      The second is a free gift that makes your prospect wonder how you can afford to give it away, because they 'know' how much something like that sells for.

      A cheap PLR ebook is one of the last things on the totem poll in my opinion. If you're selling to other marketers it's a yawner, because most have probably already seen it or a similar one. We can smell things like that and if we smell cheap PLR ebook you're dead to most of us.

      The bar is constantly rising, you have to bring more of your A game now ... even with Freebies. Welcome to the new normal of I.M.
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    What's crucial here is NICHE targeting

    Make sure you find a PLR shop that caters to your niche and has a nice ebook/report selection.

    Alternatively, you can get something custom-written
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    Originally Posted by lissylou View Post


    I am just starting out with listbuilding and looking for some advice on where to find a free product, video series, post, ebook etc that can be used as my incentive to get people to submit their email address?

    I am going to be focusing on the IM niche.

    Any suggestions as to where to find this, I would be very grateful.

    Many thanks
    Ive gone to tiff lamberts plr superstore and bought some high quality reports. Then made them my own and added my own expettise and offered a free report that way.

    Dont make this more complicated than it is.
    Remember, sometimes good is good
    enough ...particularly with a Giveaway.

    Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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