Do you have to submit manually?

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I know wordpress automatically pings sites, but do you also have to submit your rss feed manually to those sites?
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    No, you don't have to submit manually, if you pinging sites in your WP. You will termed as ping spammer if you repeatedly overload ping servers.

    But I would advise to ping manually, when you update your blog rather than let it done automatically. Because, if you update your blog posts then again it starts pinging without your knowledge. Further, pinging is a resource intensive feature for your hosting servers.

    So, when you update your blog or add new things, then manually go to pinging services like bulkping, indexkings and ping all services.
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    If you really want to succeed with online marketing, I suggest doing things as manually as possible.


    Well, it may be cheaper to use software, but the problem is software is also dumb.

    Software doesn't look at the nuances of the websites that you are submitting to.

    It's also a brute-force type of solution.

    When you hire a virtual assistant from the Philippines or India, you're hiring a real human being with a brain.

    This person is able to look at things in the proper context and able to process the information in the right way.

    Since everything that you do is contextual, this increases the likelihood that your submissions would actually go through and you will end up getting the results that you're looking for.

    Simply clicking a button with software mass blasting submissions out there is probably going to result in either spammy results or disappointing results.

    If you're looking to build real relationships, you need to focus on working with human beings to produce contextual submissions.
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