Driving Traffic Through Blog Commenting

by ctoyun
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Does blog comment traffic actually convert at all? I always thought it's bs because I ignored the links on comments ... but if they are worthy I might give them a shot
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    If you give useful answers or start interesting discussions, people might click on your link. But usually it will be a lot of work for not that much gain
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    Yes it works if you share value and answer questions asked by those who comment

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      Yes It works if you get to the blog post on time to be one of the first commenters, read the post and drop a constructive comment. If your comment adds to the overall quality of the post, you will definitely get people checking you out (Traffic). But most importantly it helps build your reputation.
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  • Works similar to how it works here..
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    Yes, it does work. I believe it's the honest way to start getting traffic. Of course you have to be sharing valuable or interesting information. The world has change to more of a social venue and people follow a great story, just look at all the reality shows that the TV networks provide. You must definitely respond to comments so your blog will have an appearance of being active and interactive.

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    I recently discovered that blog commenting is not dead.


    For the longest time, online marketers thought that the only value of blog comments is the SEO links that they create.

    Well, after Google Penguin this argument has been seriously compromised.

    In fact, if you want to get penalized by Google you only need to do one thing -- abuse blog comments, and see what happens.

    It's bad use the way most people think about and carry out blog-commenting promotions.

    Instead, you should do blog commenting the way I do it.

    I discovered recently that blogs that are powered by Facebook comments are very powerful.

    What you do is you log in as your Facebook fan page and then you post insightful comments.

    If people like your comment, they click on your profile and they go to your Facebook fan page.

    Your fan page can either sign up people to your mailing list or direct people to your landing page.

    This is a very powerful way of building credibility because you can stuff your fan page with high quality, highly relevant information.

    For me this is the most effective way to do blog commenting.

    Forget about using all sorts of software to do blog commenting or take all sorts of shortcuts.

    I'm sorry to break this to you, but taking shortcuts can only get you banned or penalized.

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    Well this guy has made millions from it How To Make 6 Figures in a Year Without SEO

    I spend about 30 minutes per day promoting my site through blog comments. Each individual comment isn't likely to drive much traffic, but the more you post, the more that small traffic will start to add up.

    As they've said above, do not spam junk just to promote your site. Post meaningful thought out comments that are relevant to the blog posts. Otherwise, it's meaningless.
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      Yes, it absolutely works. It is precisely what I focus on myself.

      The thing is, you have to do it properly and approach it with the right mindset. Yes it's a good way to get traffic but I don't advise that you approach it with that as your primary goal. Rather, view it as a nice side-effect. Remember - traffic is people. So when you write on your blog or comment on other blogs, always remember that you are aiming to connect with people rather than simply wanting to simply get "X" amount of traffic. Done properly, the traffic will look after itself.

      Ensure that you have good, valuable posts on your blog that contain something that people can take away from them and always reply to comments that people leave on your blog. When you leave comments on other people's blogs make sure that you have actually READ the post so that you can leave something that contributes to the discussion. Read through the comments of others too. If you can offer something of value to one of the commenters then reply to them. The blog owner should be grateful of this as it contributes to an active discussion.

      Your comment should always be of value. Posts such as "Great post" or "Thanks" won't get you noticed apart from being labelled as a spammer. A good, well thought-out comment that shows that you have actually read the post will get you noticed in the right way and you will find that not only the blog owner but their visitors too will click on your link back to your blog to see what else you have to say.

      Of course there will be times when what you read doesn't resonate with you and you don't feel that you can leave a comment of value. That's fine, leave it and move on. You might be able to comment on their next post. Don't just leave a comment for the sake of it.

      Another thing I advise is to share the post you're about to comment on. Aside from any social benefits, this will get you noticed by the blogger and they will appreciate you for doing that.

      The key thing with all of this is to approach it with the mindset of giving. Give value, help out as and when you can and build relationships with other bloggers, both on their blogs and your own. Do this consistently and the traffic will work away in the background, in turn getting you subscribers to your list and clicks to your offers.

      Yes it takes time, yes it takes consistency, yes it takes effort and yet it requires patience. But by doing so you can get laser-targeted, high quality traffic and can make valuable connections with other bloggers and Marketers.
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    Yes this technique works but for this you need to do effective answers of the questions,otherwise you will go into spam folder.
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    Another factor that can contribute to the effectiveness of blog commenting is the script being used. Facebook and Disqus can be very useful as they allow other users to like or upvote your comment, and those liked/upvoted comments will naturally get the attention of other visitors which in turn will click on the link in those comments.

    Know that Disqus also has a downvote option, which makes it a double-edge sword.
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    Of course, Still It works. I daily i get more than 200 visitors from high authority blog comments.
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    While commenting on blogs always remember that people are going to read the comments, do not make comments only for the search engines and to get traffic. If you have something that will add value, then go ahead and comment, incase on your website if there is content that will give further insights then you may add a link back to your website in the comment. One this that blog commenting does is that It helps you construct a reputation as an expert.
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    This is something that I have been curious about for a while. I have been told many times that this was a legit way to drive traffic but I had never tried it before. YOu guys have inspired me to try a little harder. I'll give this a go! Thanks all!

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    A lot of it is BS, lol. Save yourself time and use PPC.
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      Originally Posted by TexasSteve View Post

      A lot of it is BS, lol. Save yourself time and use PPC.
      Problem: clicks can be $5 in some niches.
      Solution: comments are free.

      Insight: Really depends on the niche and what were talking about. I have some sites where the RPM is 1-2k, I have no issues making a few extremely well placed comments with anchor texts that have a high CTR.

      I don't know about you, but when I see a 20$ bill laying on the ground I pick it up.
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    Originally Posted by ctoyun View Post

    Does blog comment traffic actually convert at all? I always thought it's bs because I ignored the links on comments ... but if they are worthy I might give them a shot
    You need to make good comments on the relevant blog. In this case your want may success. Otherwise your comment will not be permitted to publish by the authority of the blog. They will delete your comment. You can use this project as a test. Thanks

    IM manager

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      I feel blog comment " also depend the admin which I notice now they don't allow "
      even your comment is really genuie ....they will not allow too.

      is like " digging gold ..have to find a nice blog with high traffic ..and do blog comment "
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    I think that blog commenting is a bit labor intensive...
    If you have to do it, then you need to actually read the articles, and give a good educational response.
    You also have to do a lot every day... No less then 50 comments per day..... for at list two weeks. I guarantee you will get sign ups to your list...
    But don't stop there, if you have to read all that content. Start collecting great ideas for a great article, and look for a good authoritative blog where you can guest post. This guest post will bring a lot more leads then blog comments.
    The moment you get some sales, you can start testing paid traffic.
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    Driving traffic though blog comments does work but it is very labor intensive. You need to post a lot of comments of good quality so that people would want to visit your site. Plan to post at list 20 to 50 per day. You will see your traffic growing over time..

    You can definitely grow your list this way if you are driving traffic to a landing page, but you have to test your landing page, and tweak it until you get good conversion. Another thing is that you need to practice go create a good title or think of great giveaway that is hard to refuse for a targeted visitor.

    With paid traffic this can be done faster because you get more people coming through, and you know right away if your page does not convert, but if you get only a few clicks from different sources, you have no idea why they are not signing up.....

    I hope this helps
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    It works great if done properly. It's just like with any type of content. If you post valuable, helpful content it will be helpful for you. If you post one-liners and comments that don't add value, you'll only be wasting your time.

    Some things that work for me:

    1. Read the post (many people just skim it but you should read the entire post).
    2. Start off the comment by using the author's first name. This is immediate proof that you are human.
    3. Make sure the comment is at least 5 sentences and on topic (NO "nice post" or "good blog").
    4. Mention a particular part of the post that you really liked. For instance, "I agree with you when you said that such and such worked better than such and such,etc."
    5. Don't add links directly to the comment. The only place you should add a link is where it asks you to.
    6. Don't link out to squeeze pages or sales pages. Link back to your own blog. I like to link to back to a relevant post.
    7. Check the blog 2-3 times a week so you can comment on new posts. This shows the blog owner that you are interested in the blog and waiting for their next post. Also, this positions you to talk to the author about guest posting. Chances are they will get to know your name so when you make your pitch they will already know who you are.

    Follow those 7 rules and you have a much better chance of getting your comment published. You might just make a new friend, too.
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    I would start building up rep and making good questions / answers on quality sites like quora.com.

    You can start getting a real following on those sites in a decent amount of time.
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    I get quite decent traffic to my site by regularly posting in music related blogs.
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    Certainly! It’s the part of marketing work. But this is not what you need to do at first. Primarily, optimize your site and start SMM campaign.
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    If you drop a comment which is relevant to the post and add value to it than it will work like charm. I personally get traffic from blog commenting.

    Blogging Tips & tricks@ Bloggingpond.com

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    Do comments on news sites only where millions of visitors visit
    everyday. Here you will get thousands of traffic daily
    using comment posting only.

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    Yup it does... But your comment (link) must be related to the website or they will consider it as a spam. That will work good if anyone notice your link and click on it, anyways it will be considered as a back link to your website. So, it is a good SEO technique to improve your page rank.
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    How many blog comments must you have on a certain blog before you start leaving links?
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      Originally Posted by DURABLEOILCOM View Post

      How many blog comments must you have on a certain blog before you start leaving links?
      Most blogs have a line for you to put your link before the comment box. You can put your link in that box but do not put a link directly in the comment text. If you are going to make a valuable comment you can leave your link the very first time.
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    Interesting to see people get responses posting on blogs - i never got much out of it - cept for the warrior forum lol
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    I have a blog that receives 50 to 100 comments a day. I do not receive the conversions i think i should. This could be my fault but they tell me they are actually reading my post. I am sure most of the comments are there for there own promotions.
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  • Profile picture of the author James McAllister
    Yes, blog commenting can be extremely powerful and many successful bloggers like myself, Ryan Biddulph, Donna Merrill, Adrienne Smith etc. build a large part of their business around it.

    The real power of blog commenting comes when you use it as a networking tool in my opinion. Start off consistently leaving comments on influencer's blogs, eventually escalate it to email, and from there the sky is the limit.

    Plus there are numerous benefits to just being around in a bunch of different spots. I can't tell you how many people choosed my product over a competitors just because they had 'seen me around.'

    The benefits aren't always directly noticeable, but they are certainly there.

    On conversions - people aren't going to likely buy from you the first time they arrive on your website, just like they wouldn't from most other traffic sources. My goal with my blog is always to get people onto my email list, and then later down the line promote products when my subscribers feel like they know, like, and trust me.

    Conversions are directly increased though by having a large community of blog commenters, as this makes you appear more authoritive and credible, not to mention, more open to communication. It helps.
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    Yes you can traffic , But the blog which you using must be good and related to your niche ,

    1. The Blog must be new not more the 6 month OLd.
    2. Outbound Back Link must be less
    3. No Auto Approved Comment. The Blog owner have to approve.
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    • Profile picture of the author nicheblogger75
      Originally Posted by johnsmithsruuk View Post

      Yes you can traffic , But the blog which you using must be good and related to your niche ,

      1. The Blog must be new not more the 6 month OLd.
      2. Outbound Back Link must be less
      3. No Auto Approved Comment. The Blog owner have to approve.
      Just curious but why would the blog have to be less than 6 months old? If you are trying to comment for traffic, I would think that would be detrimental since a blog that is less than 6 months old is not likely to be getting tons of traffic. That doesn't make much sense to me.
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      • Profile picture of the author irawr
        Originally Posted by nicheblogger75 View Post

        Just curious but why would the blog have to be less than 6 months old? If you are trying to comment for traffic, I would think that would be detrimental since a blog that is less than 6 months old is not likely to be getting tons of traffic. That doesn't make much sense to me.
        I think he meant the age of the content not the blog.
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    Drive traffic through blog comment is quality traffic
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    It works. Sometimes you can even get additional backlinks that way, but your comment should be one on the first three.
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    right but i think google remarking more traffic through comment as spam so please do it with very carefully
    Weekend getaways from Delhi
    resorts near delhi
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  • Profile picture of the author ThatOneGuy
    It works Adrienne Smith and her blog. I've gotten quite good traffic in the past from it, but the key is not to spam! The idea is to build relationships with the blogger and the other readers, who will then visit your site.

    I Haz Website! ThatOneGuy is now up, running, and ready to dispense advice and log its journey to Internet success.

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