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I've recently joined a MLM company and I need to recruit people on my team. I have no experience in marketing or recruiting. How can I be successful in this business?
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    Originally Posted by 8ofharts View Post

    I've recently joined a MLM company and I need to recruit people on my team. I have no experience in marketing or recruiting. How can I be successful in this business?

    Your company and your upline should be providing you with that information. That being said, in general, MLM is not a very good business model and only a small percentage of people at the top do well. If you know nothing about this like you said, I'd say get out now before you lose anymore money. I'm sure some people who are in it will disagree with that but just my opinion since I don't like seeing new people being taken advantage of.
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    Sorry to state the obvious, but you'll need to learn how to market and recruit (and network like crazy).

    Your upline should provide training on how to do these things, but I wouldn't rely solely on that. If they're not training you, I'd find another MLM company.

    There are books and guides on MLM networking and marketing that you might look into. I'd suggest reading and studying one or two good books on sales as well. There are plenty on Amazon. Whether you find leads online or offline, you still need to be able to sell them on the business opportunity.

    You've got a lot of work ahead of you. Forget the pie-in-the-sky potential earnings they say you can make (at least for now, especially since you have zero experience). Focus on learning everything you can and building a solid business. If it's a legit MLM company you may do very well down the road. The allure of MLM is typically the big numbers that top earners make, but those are the exceptions not the norm. That's not to say you can't be one of them; just be prepared to do the hard work it takes to get there.

    One other thing; don't just recruit anyone with a pulse. Be selective; most people aren't cut out for MLM, which is why the attrition rate is so high. When you do find quality people to recruit, treat them like gold and help them succeed in their business.
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    MLM is so pie-in-the-sky, and depends on others in your downline to be successful. It seems, a lot of the time, the only ones who make money are those who either spend a LOT of money, or break the rules to reach their goals/ acquisition targets, then get chewed out ror doing too well, then get kicked out. Not worth it, IMHO.
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    Ignoring the (what should be) obvious fact of joining an MLM to be a terrible business strategy..

    Learn to network. Read sales books and learn to sell.
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    Hi 8ofhearts, first congrats on taking the step towards your business.

    Second, I don't know what company you're in but "recruiting" is not the word that should be used. Recruitment is done when you are employing people for job. MLM is a business and here you do business.

    Of course you need to learn to sell. Networking Marketing is selling products with less personal sales commission but a lot more money through the leverage of team.

    A few points that may help you.
    >> Jot down the value your product can provide to the customers
    >> Compare those values with the competitors'
    >> Compare the price of your product
    >> Sell the features and benefits of your product
    >> Bring the element of people can also earn
    >> Explain how much they can earn

    A big misconception about Network Marketing is that you have to sell to your friends and families which is the only way to succeed. This is totally wrong. Word of mouth is just one part of strategy. A lot of MLM companies are operating and succeeding on Internet. So, Internet Marketing is a major strategy in getting success in IM.

    Wish you luck!
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    You need to be a very good persuader/ salesman. Facebook is good but you must figure out a way to present information without it seeming like a sales pitch. People hate being sold to and if they feel that way they'll deny you instantly.
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    Do not try to recruit family and friends. You don't want to be "that guy."
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    Pick up a copy of Magnetic Sponsoring by Mike Dillard. It will drastically turn you into a professional networker in the shortest time possible.

    Now, I'd suggest creating a info-product and presenting your "opportunity" on the backend. That way you're only talking to qualified peeps.
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  • Best way is to identify 3 people who are doing it successfully and emulate what they are doing while learning other marketing strategies and testing one at a time (implementing).

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    I always get a kick out of these MLM threads.

    How is it possible that so many people who claim to know so much about business
    are so completely ignorant about the most powerful business model on the planet?

    If you guys really had the first clue about how MLM really works you'd never do anything else.

    To the OP... stop looking for advice from people who haven't done what you
    want to do and who have absolutely no stake in your success or failure. Go up
    your linen of sponsorship and find someone who is successful. Model what they
    teach and do.

    This forum really isn't the place to learn how to become successful in MLM. There are
    a few of us here who have achieved it, but not many. Mostly, you get a lot of people who
    love to give opinions but know very little about it.
    If you knew what I know you'd be doing what I do...
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    Originally Posted by 8ofharts View Post

    I've recently joined a MLM company and I need to recruit people on my team. I have no experience in marketing or recruiting. How can I be successful in this business?
    Start by looking in the right places for information. That would be a MLM forum.


    "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison

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  • Honestly, just put an ad on Craigslist with your phone number and own that shit. Applicants will call you. You tell them you are looking to hire dedicated sales people for cold, face to face sales. Put Bachelor Degree in the requirements. Anyone desperate enough to take the job will apply whether they have a degree or not, but you'll find the hungry ones. Don't talk about the job over the phone, just have them show up to your office, then take them on a run. If they liked the interview (and if you sold it to them), they'll be back.

    Edit: Also, read these other comments. Careful with those things.
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    I think Your company and Sponsor should be providing you with that information.
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    Originally Posted by 8ofharts View Post

    I've recently joined a MLM company and I need to recruit people on my team. I have no experience in marketing or recruiting. How can I be successful in this business?
    MLM/network marketing (not a fan) and affiliate marketing (what many of us here do -- earn a commission when we promote and make a sale of someone else's product or service though various ways like blogging -- are two different things. I didn't understand the difference between the two when I first got started, but I view MLM as a flawed business model. I'd recommend you get out ASAP and get into something like niche blogging, ghostwriting, Kindle, etc.

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    Go wide. Go deep.

    You need to be bad before you will be good.

    Your success is a simple formula

    Success = Effort x Skills

    Most people jump from company to company and never get to access the explosive exponential income that MLM provides.

    PM me if you would like to chat on a more personal note
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