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Hello guys,

My name is Sujit Yadav. I have a simple question ( Simple for those who are experienced in this matter ).

I have a wordpress website and want to automate it with pinterest. Let me explain what do I really want? When I pin any picture in specific board I Want wordpress to automatically create a post with that image(full size).

I know there is way. Because a nice guy posted a solution in WF. But I can't get it to work. I tried IFTTT. But it just create a post with the link, not the real image. Any solution whether free or paid.

Any help would be much appreciated.

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    Most plugins/tools do it the other way (because it's easier) by publishing from your site to Pinterest.

    It's hard to automate from the Pinterest side because you do not have access to the functionality or API.

    There is a plugin that will take your Pinterest pins from the Pinterest RSS feed for a user and publishing to Wordpress.
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    Thanks a lot..Will give it a try.
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    You can easily achieve this through rss. I built a site for a client just like this.
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    The easiest way is definately what sujitt said above. Rather post on your site and then pin to pinterest
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