10 High Paying Health and fitness Affiliate Programs

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Just thought i would share some great information that i came across while researching for some health affiliate programs on the web. Hope this will help someone already involved in this niche or someone seeking to venture into this niche. I found 10 high paying natural health affiliate programs that i am going to share.

Natural health and herbal supplements have become more than a multi-million dollar industry a year market and if you're not getting a piece of the pie you're leaving a lot of $$$ on the wayside...

Here are the health affiliates. For more information you can visit the websites...

1. Onnit - health and fitness affiliate
2. Sell Health
3. Native Remedies
4. Market Health
5. 21 Day Makeover
6. CrocMint
7. Vital Formulas
8. Brainiac Supplements
9. MoreNiche
10. India Herbs

I have signed up with market health and moreniche. I am sure there are more or even better please share...
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