Identified a WP Captcha Plugin Randomly Serving Malware Ads Under Links

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The first thing I thought of when I figured out what was causing this to happen to my website at (just installed a new theme, been inactive for a month, lots of work to do) was that now I should write a viral article exposing them for what they are doing for profit.

There are tens of thousands of websites running this security plugin being run by the same dudes who are exploiting their website and damaging reputations.

Then I thought-- WARRIOR FORUM.

Does anyone want to help me optimize SEO for the article exposing this WP Captcha plugin? It took me nearly two weeks to figure it out because it would only happen once every hour or so at most, but sometimes it wouldn't happen for days. It was as if-- They didn't want anyone to notice they were hijacking a tiny bit of ad revenue from tens of thousands of WP sites!!!

Please send me an e-mail to if you are interested. I will also publish the article to a much larger site I write for called

Screw those guys.
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