Need advice for my new website

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Hi, I have started my new website to sell affiliate products.
Here is my site's stats:
Website's age - 1 month
Avg. position in google - 47
Total Articles - 15
Linked to Site from 23 domains
Is it ok or I need to make more backlinks?

(Expert's Advice Needed)
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    It's not about the quantity, it's all about the Quality of backlinks. Forget about the numbers, try to guest post on authority blogs and get high quality backlinks for your blog.
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      Originally Posted by AntonioSeegars1 View Post

      To answer your question: Yes, you need more backlinks.
      That' not necessarily just need quality. Quality content, quality images, quality backlinks and quality readers. From the information you provided it is literally IMPOSSIBLE to determine whether you're on the right track or doing absolutely horrible, although that average 47th position in Google says that you're definitely not there yet.

      But then again, we have no idea what that means- 47th for what keywords? If you're 47th for something like "affiliate marketing" or "make money online" then you're doing awesome for only one month in, but if it's for specific product names then you're doing something wrong.

      So any advice you get here will be a complete guess on the part of other inexperienced marketers...hopefully you realize that. Your site is only "good enough" when you are getting hundreds of visitors a day and they're making purchases.....that's the only indicator that matters in this industry.

      Learn to sell like a pro through Web Synergy's marketing blog.

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          Originally Posted by AntonioSeegars1 View Post

          Quality backlinks are always good for a website. Experienced marketers know this.
          The backlinks have little to do with why he's not ranking after a month. I would think that someone with a signature saying "Become an Internet Master for $2" would know something like that.

          Learn to sell like a pro through Web Synergy's marketing blog.

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    Thank you guys for you advice.. so I need more quality backlinks for my website..
    Now I will try to focus on guest post...
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    Just focus on providing really quality content. If your audience really likes your content then they'll promote the site for you, that's as natural as SEO gets and what Google rewards. Good luck!
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    I have just visited your site ... you are doing a very good job for only one month only .. but yes you need much more backlinks .. if you continue at the same pace you will get to the top soon ..... well done .. the quality of backlinks and quality content really matters
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    Out of interest what are you using to track your stats
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      google webmaster tools @ JohnnyFanta
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    The more important question you need to be asking yourself is, "what need am I solving in the market place"? Put your focus there first. It does no good to put all this work into a web site that is not going to convert into sales. Once you have that figured out then the next best thing is to validate that your web site actually converts and you can do this by paying to drive traffic to your web site.

    Don't waste your time with SEO until you know for sure that your web site converts well. By buying traffic through Bing, Facebook, or Adwords you can collect data today and not have to wait 6 months to a year with SEO to find out what works and what doesn't. Once you find out what works then keep doing that.
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    I really think that you need to focus more on promoting your content.

    It appears that you're doing quite well.

    Considering the fact that your website is only one month old and you're already averaging a number 47 position on Google for your target keywords, you're doing quite well.

    You have to remember that most other players in your position aren't doing that hot.

    Either they're not ranking at all or if they do rank, it's deep in the bowels of Google.

    I would suggest that you need to earn more links by contributing content.

    Did you notice the difference in my sentence?

    I used the phrase "earn more links" instead of "build links."

    I'm sorry to break this to you, but the era of building backlinks is way past us.

    Thanks to Google Penguin, you really can't risk actively building links.

    Instead, focus on earning links.

    How do you earn links?

    Very simple.

    Contribute original blog posts and content to websites that are in your niche.

    These might be information microniche sites or they can actually be blogs.

    Regardless, you need to contribute content.

    Most importantly, these contributed posts must not be keywords spam posts.

    These posts must actually help people.

    You have to remember that the name of the game when it comes to backlink earning in this day and age is all about quality.

    The more value you add to people's lives, the more solid your brand becomes.

    Eventually, your brand will become so solid in your niche that attracting the right kind of backlink profile will become easier with time.

    Keep up with what you're doing and focus on quality promotions.

    Of course, quality promotion is not possible if you don't have quality content in the first place.

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    You need more traffic. Pay for it, and run tests on a larger scale. Trust me there are more important things to worry about than your position in Google.
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