Your #1 Method for Recurring Income?

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I'm trying to diversify a bit and build different income streams and have been focusing more on residual/recurring income methods for more stability.

What is your top model for recurring income? Can be online or offline...
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    Build killer sales funnels with my additional services are my powerful recurring income.
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      For me it's the free make money niche. Many people want to make money online without spending any, or they are leery of opportunities that cost money to get started. AdSense has been a nice side money maker as well.
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  • Affiliate memberships. Clickback has many offers based on recurring payments.
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      Sell recurring affiliate offers through email marketing, youtube marketing, blogging, etc.

      Or just create your own monthly product/service, like Netflix! Haha.

      Personally, I think the best business model is your own product with recurring payments.
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    Your own membership site where you charge per month would be best, but yes lots of recurring commission products on clickbank and other affiliate networks.
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    Your a smart marketer who knows about the power of residual/recurring income. I gave up on cpa,ppc,adsense and blogging. For me the real residual income comes from MAP every month
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    Backend marketing to existing customers. If you're an affiliate, your best results would come from a recurring income affiliate program. Once someone buys from your affiliate link, you get paid forever until the member drops out or cancels. (ex: webhosting, porn sites, etc)

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    I mean it's still in development for the actual delivering part, but i set up a service that i charge by the month and just load it up with clients, every month my paypal grows and grows. But make sure you deliver, thats one of my learning lessons

    Grab a Free copy of my investing/marketing eBook!

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    Originally Posted by StevesProfitSecrets View Post

    I'm trying to diversify a bit and build different income streams and have been focusing more on residual/recurring income methods for more stability.

    What is your top model for recurring income? Can be online or offline...
    YouTube is probably the closest thing I have to residual income at this time. The videos that I uploaded are just sitting there and making me about the same amount every single month.
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    Hi ProServices,

    Could you please explain in a bit broader way what MAP is bro? I haven't heard of it. That's why asking

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    AdSense, on both Youtube and my blog. It's the most steady and reliable passive income stream I have.
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    I do niche blogging, which I really, really like - can crank out sites really quickly now. I know some other people, however, that make the bulk of their income from PLR stores - haven't gotten into that myself, though.

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    Adsense and Gambling Affiliate Niche is doing well for me.

    edit: i am not combining the two above! Talking about seperate methods

    Get my fiverr abritage tutorial for free HERE.

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    I personally sell subscription based services.. if you have a great service, people will remain your clients for a lot of time..bringing you a steady income..
    I Use SiteGround For Hosting
    And SpinRewriter For Unlimited, Unique Content.
    Try Them
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      Adsense Income and Affiliate Products via autoresponder Follow Ups. It can really be 'Set and Forget'

      - Robert Andrew
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        I think the best and free way to make residual income is from your subscribers based, promoting to them on a monthly basis but only if your giving them sometime value in returns. That's how I make most of my profits from.

        You don't need to invest on traffic most of the times only if that's necessary though. The formula would be like: become JV/Affiliate and promote to your lists like 2-3 products a month.

        Overall there are many ways to make profits online, its not just about one thing or other there are many ways to do it.
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    * Membership websites
    * Creating a transaction based business (think Clickbank, Paypal, etc.)
    * Provide a service where you bill monthly (think Nanacast, Aweber, etc.).
    * Licensing
    * Create a product / service and train an army of affiliates to market it for you.

    "Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out."
    - Jim Rohn
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    1. I have residual affiliate commissions for services I haven't sold in 5-10 years but the clients continue to bill every month. Mostly commercial/business services that have changed significantly with the times but still are needed.

    2. Service/Clients- Providing services that serious businesses consider essential to their operations and need someone to do perpetually, and provide better value than all other options. This does not go along with the "dream" of get-rich-quick ideas and making money 24-7 while you sleep or lounge on the beach, but it beats many alternatives. And being hands-on beats the trade-off (IMHO) in many cases of outsourcing/automating too much and lowering quality of work and reputation.

    ETA: Though I DO think it would be a great idea to have a software and/or automated version of #2 that provides a service that people need while delegating a lot of work. A lot of things go into making a "real" business and having the right people and systems in place.

    I'm a Professional Social Media Manager at BELIEVE Social. I specialize in authentic social media posting and engagement. I am available for hire- WSO here: Full Service, Affordable Social Media Plans for Business and Branding , but I truly enjoy talking and sharing free tips and thoughts- That's what being social is all about!

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    Authority sites with Memberships. Since with the membership, you can possible get 2-3 in average payments from a users instead of just one payment. And as always build your lists so you can promote other affiliate products there.
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    Affiliate membership sites which pay you residual income based on the number of people you recruit is you best bet
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    Service are my no.1 method for recurring income, it all starts from small task like Logo design, website installation, web graphics etc but clients end up paying me monthly for Managing their website, Content , Security, customer support, marketing.

    There are lots of launchs going on these days, so instead of launching my own products I started to provide services to Vendors.

    So the more competition in launches, the more business for me.

    Rohit Thakur
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      A continuity funneling and value extraction process that engages customers incrementally through affiliate programs, MLM, and up into my own flagship training/mentoring system. Many of my customers and downline members have been providing a recurring income for over 15 years.
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