Live Chat For My Site?

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I am trying to find a service that I can use on my site that will catch leaving visitors with a chat box. I'm sure you've seen it before. You close the page and a chat window comes up with some chat bot offering you a discount.

(If you need an example, go to and try to leave the page... a chat bot comes up)

That's cool and all (and I currently have that on my site), but I would like it to be me! I don't want it to be a chat bot. I want to be the one that talks with them live before they leave the page.

Is this possible?

I've already talked to LivePerson about this, and they said there is no way for them to catch visitors before they leave the page. They can only get the chat box to pop up through designated times (like if they are still reading the page after 5 minutes).

So does anyone have some advice that I can use to get a live chat going with visitors who try to leave the page?

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