What's the best way to monetise from a giveaway?

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I have a viral product which is gaining me loads of likes I got 4k+ likes in a week on my facebook page without even launching the website yet

Iam going have a competition/giveaway but I was wondering whats the best way to have one in a way that I can try and monetise from the traffic i will get from it?
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    A product that has advanced features locked. And customers can pay for it (while using the product) to unlock those features. Kind of like free games on IOS. They're giveaways if you think about it. And then what happens? Certain portion of people upgrade.
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    First step is to build your list.

    I can't think of anything better.
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      How would I go about building the list and what will the list consist off?

      Sorry for the noob questions haha
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    First you must have a site/blog and an autoresponder.

    After that you could launch thi free produtct on Facebook with a link that redirects to your site.
    Pople could have this product after they let their mail.

    In this way you could send sales email in with place link on your produtcs!

    Of course, links must be present also in your free gift, if it is an Ebook

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    I like all the comments above, the opportunity to turn that traffic into email subscribers would be a fantastic long term solution, which would probably net you more over time than anything else.

    One thing people often forget is the power of building a retargeting list of people that land on a webpage somewhere. Whatever your sign up conversion rate, you will build a bigger list by re targeting - and although it is a less permanent or flexible tool - it has huge advantages ... The price of Facebook traffic for example when it's that targeted is a real winner, and something not to be ignored.

    That way you have two lists .. Those that have given permission for you to email them, and those that didn't - but still qualified themselves as a prospect by clicking on the link.
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    Use your giveaway to build a list, treat em like gold and youll have your own atm.
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    It's great feedback that you have a viral product already available.

    Yes you should be using a lead capture page (perhaps leadpages for example - they are easy to use) to collect their email addresses.

    Then connect it with an autorepsonder like Aweber for example.

    If you have a free giveaway that is providing heaps of value for your community you want to capture email addresses and build relationship with then your subscribers.

    You can then work on upselling in your email sequences into products and so on from that.

    The money is in your list...

    You just have to capture that list and build the like, trust factor with them.



    Tiffany Mika

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    You may input all the details of your gieaway on your website. Before letting people participate in the giveaway, ask them to complete a small requirement of signing up. This will build your list.

    To earn instant money you can advertise some affiliate product on your website So, when people are reading about your giveaway they would also see that offer, may be in the sidebar or somethin.

    Hope it helps
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    You can also giveaway software that requires the user to register the software and in the process give out his/her name and email address to build your list.
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