Shared hosting for Hostgator? How much traffic?

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I have been asking hostgator about how much traffic the shared hosting package can handle... but never reveal. Each time, they just told me that it very much depends on the coding on my site.

Anyone have any experience of having a lot of traffic in shared hosting with Hostgator?

I would really like to know how much traffic can shared hosting of hostgator can hande before it crashes.

Feel free to share your opinion.
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    One of my sites gets 1000 visitors per day and has no problems.
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    wolfmmiii ... 1000 visitors per day under shared hostings in hostgator?
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    I'm not on HG, but with any shared host it's going to depend on what you are running. A site with static html files is going to handle more traffic than the average person could ever drum up. Whereas a WP install with a bunch of resource heavy plugins could take you offline with relatively little traffic.
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    DubDubDubDot ... I am running my site using InstaBuilder wordpress plug-in and one SEO plug-in. In your opinion, do you think it will make my site crashes easily? Do you think Instabuilder is a heavy resources wordpress plug in? Thanks.
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  • Really depends on the amount of can optimize WordPress a bit to make the load easier on your shared hosting. I believe HostGator now offers a WP optimized form of hosting, I have not tried it.

    If I were you I'd splurge and at least get Reseller hosting from HostGator, $25 a month for the bottom package and should give you plenty and room for growth with other sites.
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    Been with them for a couple of years. Never had a problem. Slower instant chat response timings nowadays, but still 2 thumbs up.


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    I'd recommend you to use shared hosting from or
    Plans are full-featured and prices are low. Support is online for 24 hours.
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    Web hosts really aren't concerned about how much traffic that your sites get as long as the CPU usage is not too high. If the you're running WP with plugins (which is notoriously poorly optimized), you'll use a lot more processing power than a static site running HTML.
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  • You need to look at the data transfer to get an idea if it is a robust account. I have a video tutorial site getting over 1000 pageviews a day on hg with no problem. The more gigs bandwidth/transfer the more traffic. So choose the account you think will be best.
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