Have you ever tried to form a joint venture through a large organisation like a university?

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I have been working on a project that is somewhat large. When I first started to work on it I had the impression that it was going to be somewhat large and unwieldy for one person but I had the hope of at least making some income from it first just to prove that it was going to work.

More and more I am getting the impression that I should start trying to advertise for others to get involved. I do not wish to do this online with people. I want to be able to see people face to face. One person is going to be holding all affiliate links anyway so it is easier to gain trust if we meet face to face.

For the moment I do not want to expand much further than 5 people but I will have to see how things go. Obviously the more people the lower the income... but obviously the more work that can be done - hence in the long run more potential cash.

I would want something like: marketing dept/ web development/ design/ Human computer interaction (HCI). People would need to be somewhat diverse because the marketing dept would need to work with the HCI and web development would need to work with marketing based on research etc. I have experience of all and would be the default coordinator as well as the founder - unless I open it up and suggest that we are all co-founders. I have a working site that we can use - even if I have not driven any traffic to is yet.

I am just wondering if anyone has ever done anything like this!?

Our Uni has computing, marketing, art and business. Even though I am within computing we have Human computer interactions and certain business stuff as part of the course. If I could get an email out to all university students I should be able to form a small team yes? I am pretty certain it would not be seen as spam because I am working on a course specific project(and everyone else would be too depending on their course).

I am in SW UK by the way.
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