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Hi Fellow Warriors
Does anyone know where I can get a free logo designed? All the services that I've found allow you to design the logo for free but then require payment to download the logo in either a decent useable size or without a watermark.

Does anyone know of a truly free logo design service?

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    Free solution: search logo on the web and modify image.

    Go to Fiverr: nice logos afor only 5$

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      Free solution: search logo on the web and modify image.
      Right - just steal what you want. Everyone here these days knows no one should have to PAY for anything online - and copyright and trademark mean nothing. Just ask - someone will offer you a way to get a freebie (at someone else's expense.)

      If that's the best advice you can give - what IS the point???

      To the OP - if you can't pay $5 for a cheap Fiverr logo - maybe you shouldn't be doing this in the first place.
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      Originally Posted by winnermarketing View Post

      Free solution: search logo on the web and modify image.

      Go to Fiverr: nice logos afor only 5$

      I can see no problems at all with this. Here's my design for WcDonalds. Please enjoy our big Wac

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    here are few:
    1. Marketsplash is a completely free (with registration) logo design service.It is built and run by HP.
    2. The Logo Creator is free logo creation software. No trial, no demo, fully free in return for a tweet.
    3. Supalogo is one of my favorites for creating a super-fast font-based logo. You type in your text, pick some options and hit download. You can even look at samples and click edit and start from there.
    4. Logo Ease offers a fully free logo creation tool. You have to register, but they let you create and download (they send you the link) the logo that you spent time creating. When you get your download link, it comes with instructions to include a link back to their site. They also offer paid services.
    Hope that helped

    All the BEST

    Judith Bahaduri
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    Download Gimp

    Download Free Logo PSD Files

    Do it yourself
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    Why don't you just use Photoshop (if you have it)??

    Or you can use free image editing tools that are very good work with!

    Here are two that you can use:



    And if you want a Photoshop alternative - you can download GIMP for free:

    GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program

    You can get very creative with these tools and come up with your own logo, for free!

    I hope this helps!
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    Here I would like to suggest you to hire a freelancer to make a logo for you. Even you can get a freelancer for $1 or $2 to make a logo for you. In this case your can get, exactly as you want. On the other hand if you want to use any online tools, you may not get the exactly as you wish. Finally it fully depends on your wish. Thanks.
    Expert only.
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    If your really strapped for cash, just download Gimp for free and catch a couple tutorials on YouTube on how to create a logo using the software, plenty of them last time I checked.
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    Why steal an image when you can go to fiverr and pay someone $5 to steal the image for you? LOL

    You need to be careful using fiverr for graphic gigs. Be sure you check where they got their graphics and that they have the rights to pass on to you.
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    Do you see yourself making logos in the future and needing this skill? Because if you want to make a decent logo it's going to take you 5+ hours if you are a new to illustrator. So for 5 hours of work you are saving? ... $15-$25 bucks.. So basically you just earned $3-$5 per hour while creating your own logo. Focus on making money and not clipping coupons trying to get everything free.
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    Fiverr has some incredible logo designers for the price

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      Originally Posted by theskillsbox View Post

      Fiverr has some incredible logo designers for the price
      You'd have to define "incredible". I've tried getting logos done in the past (before learning PhotoShop & InkScape) from Fiverr and they were hideous to say the least.
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    I don't think any provide free logo nowdays
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    It's better to try and do it yourself or perhaps find someone you know personally and trust to do it for you. My experience with paying people online to do logos for me is that they simply give you some stuff that is already all over the web that they modify for you. It's not unique. So I would be careful to pay a few bucks to someone online to make a logo for me.
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