Scrivener and/or Marshall Plan Software for writers. Which one is the best?

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I'm considering purchasing the Marshall Plan Software and/or Scrivener to use in conjunction with Kindling. I've read from various people however, that they prefer using Scrivener together with the book called "The Marshall Plan for Novel Writing" instead of using it along with the Marshall Plan Software. I would love to hear more opinions from whomever in the group has had first-hand experience using these programs and book either alone or together. The Scrivener and Marshall Plan for Novel Writing (book) Combo is certainly way more affordable at around $50 for both as opposed to $190 for Scrivener plus the Marshall Plan Software, so I wonder if the extra $149 for the Marshall Plan software is really worth it if the same basic information can be found in the book and easily used in conjunction with Scrivener?
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    I'm an outliner type of writer and occasionally a seat of the pants writer if I am in the zone. Never saw any value of the Marshall plan software. Seemed counter productive to the way I write. I use Scrivener and love it.

    Rob Whisonant
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      Thanks Rob ! This is very helpful as I was leaning towards your approach. It's great to know others feel the same as me about the possible downside of following these programs that are so structured.
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    They do two different things... Marshall is *creativity* software... It asks you questions and then creates a story outline for you. The book is worth $10 and the time to read. I got several story elements from it that I use often. ;-) I didn't find the software worthwhile YMMV

    Scrivener is *productivity* software. You provide the info/ideas and Scrivener helps you keep track of it lol

    There is a good coupon for Scriv -- WORDSWITHJAM Last time I checked, it still worked ;-)

    Best of luck on your fiction journey!
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    Scrivener is absolutely essential software for the serious writer.

    I'm not affiliated with the product creator.

    On the whole, you get what you pay for.

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      I'm not familiar with the Marshall book or software, but I bought Scrivener at the end of last year and it has been taking over my writing tasks like kudzu in a Florida lawn...

      Not just books, either. I've started using it to organize/track/archive two blogs, with two more set for conversion by the end of the year.
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