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Does anyone know anything about this misleading (lying) website?

It claims to be a list of junk sites that should be banned from AdSense and asks viewers to exclude the sites from their AdSense ads and then tries to get the viewer to go to its AdSense site. Oddly, all sites (including mine) are potential competitors. This site claims that the listed sites have bad info which is absolutely false and a lie. There is no contact info so you cannot contact them.

I have concluded that at lease it is a backlink. However, I hate the dishonesty and the alligation that I am not giving my viewers good solid information. I am a professional in the information that I provide.
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      I ran a whois search and it appears to be a phony (surprise) name - J Discovery.

      I am really not interested in getting into a p--- contest with this character. I really was wondering if anyone else had run into this same type of scam or knew anything about it.

      While I do not like what this character is doing, I do get a backlink and anyone who looks at my site because of this character will know that my site is full of good solid info and that his site is junk.
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