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Hey everybody. Just wanted to say thanks to you all for helping me learn a little bit more each day about the frustrating world of internet marketing. It has not been an easy road for me to walk along, but it is still nice to know that you can get support from people that have already been there before. I was wondering what you do when you start to run out of new topics to write about though? Do you simply brainstorm for ideas, rehash something that you have already written about before, or pay a few bucks to get somebody that probably has no idea about what to write either? Do you have much success with hiring writers and is it cost effective to what you can back in return? I realize that blogging is not a slow process and it can take years to build up your traffic and ranks in the search engines but was hoping to get some advice about what I should do. Maybe one day I will get more traffic with it
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    Go to Buzzsumo or a similar social-media search engine. They will provide you with proven topics to write about.

    These search engines take a keyword and rank articles based on how many social shares they have. Yep.

    You just want to make sure you add a twist (or add newer/better information) to your article. Don't copy.

    On the whole, you get what you pay for.

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    You seem to be running a blog heavily focused on Internet Marketing (and for some reason, treasure hunting with metal detectors). You're on a forum with millions of posts. You posted this in a section that has about 5,000 pages of threads.

    How could you not have enough ideas of what to write about?
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    I would suggest you browse this forum (since you are writing about Internet Marketing) and look out for problems that people have.

    Then go and write a blog post that addresses the problem and provides a solution.
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    I use Google trends. You can pick any market and niche you want and see what is hot or being talked about most at the current moment and you can capitalize on that for fast, easy organic listings.

    For example you can create a youtube video on what is trending choosing your keywords wisely and you create your video optimized for search traffic.

    Put a plan in place and it's a easy way to get some fast, free traffic in what ever niche you are in.

    Understand that blogging is just one strategy and you can do a lot of things with blogging.

    Supply and demand.

    Pick a market and niche, find a product, separate yourself from your competition. Do some research on where your target market is online and go step in front of that traffic.

    I want traffic today! Not tomorrow and maybe some day but on demand! I use both free and paid. I have a monthly advertising budget that I reinvest into every month and grow by getting better.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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      Hy!A method that I find quite good on getting new ideas to write about is going on youtube and just watching videos after videos .Just watch them for fun untill you find something worth writing about and I can guarantee you that this method will work at least this way you have fun to, you watch interesting things then you write about them hope I gave you some ideas .
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    How about these...

    Table of contents in amazon books

    Table of contents in library books

    Q&A websites


    Everywhere you look you can find ideas.

    Try creating an idea journal, that helps me a ton.
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      If you're running niche sites or businesses, it's most helpful to set up news alerts within your industry niche. Then you will have a constant daily stream of news, events, products, and happenings within your niche. You can comment on these stories that your find or just write your own new posts with your ideas that are triggered by the news alerts you see. I used to do this very successfully with Google Alerts . . . I haven't used that free service in awhile, but I'm sure there are other options as well.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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