Domain name scam!

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A company in the UK - is calling companies in Canada and the US (but seem to be targeting the Ontario Canada region in particular) saying that someone is trying to register a number of domains that are variations on your company name.

However - you can 'protect' your company name by registering the domains with them FIRST - and it will only cost you 1500GBP for the 6 domains.

Quite a bargain at today's exchange rate - only $2635 for 6 domains!!

I just spoke with the "head of registrations" on behalf of a client of mine - and once I pointed out that a Stratford, Ontario citizen had already filed a police report and which has made the news online already - the 'gentleman' could not get off the phone fast enough.

CJCS 1240 Radio - MIX 107.7 FM - Stratford Ontario Canada

Obviously another twist on those lovely letters and faxes notifying you that your domain is about to expire - but of course it's not from YOUR registrar.

We would not even have followed up on this except that the calls to customer support were purportedly from Vertex's legal counsel, and it sounded quite official - 4 urgent calls within 90 minutes - and as the client is a payment processor, it was thought that perhaps someone was using the company as part of the scam......but no, that was not quite the case - they really thought that we would fall for the deal and register the domains ourselves to 'protect' the company name....

Needless to say - we are pursuing this further - but thought I would give the Warrior's a heads up, as this one is a bit more sophisticated than the usual ones.

Tacky, tacky people - too bad they can't make a living the honest way.........
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    Wow! That's wild. I'm always amazed at how many people fall for these things.
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      Me too - but this particular group seems to be going to great lengths to sound quite convincing - I just read the news piece back to them and he seemed to be in quite a rush to get rid of me.

      Watch this space for great things coming soon ;-)

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    I am in the UK and just had this company call me trying to scam me. Thank you SO MUCH for putting this online. Whilts I was on the phone to Vertex I found this and read it to him, he quickly backed off his position, it was a fabulous moment, caught red-handed!
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