What people want and need vs. what I want to create: the key to making money online?

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Over the past few months I’ve been creating content with no real monetary goals. I’ve been running around like a chicken with its head cut off: I feel like I’ve been just writing what I feel like writing about, not what any reader would want to read about. What do people want? What do people need? To make money. To lose weight and to become healthier. To be happier.

I have so many ideas of businesses. I have a passion for helping people with pain or disabilities from personal experiences, but I’m not sure how to make money with this. One idea is to make a site where people with disabilities share their successes through stories, specifically in the context of sporting events, motivating others. I have a personal blog where I discuss my own health, mindfulness, and my thinking. However, when people stumble across a site like this, it doesn’t provide anything they need and there’s no urgency to sign up for an e-mail subscription.

It’s all really got me thinking, maybe I should focus more on business content (one of my own hobbies and what I studied in school) rather than what is easy or intuitive to me for writing. Or at least creating urgency with my current content. Interested in hearing people's thoughts. I know this isn't a revolutionary concept, but it is important to me right now.
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    Demand vs. supply. The demand goes first.

    Hard time to keep promoting business? Don't worry!
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      I agree with superowid.

      Base your decision on what the marketplace wants and is seeking. If there isn't demand for what you offer, you will never be successful. At least, not in making money. You may have a "hobby" blog or a personal interest blog, but in order to monetize your effort you need to tap into the demand that already exists in the marketplace.

      You said: "I have a personal blog where I discuss my own health, mindfulness, and my thinking."

      That's fine except that most people care about themselves and their own needs, wants, and desires . . . not yours. The cliche' is WIIFM . . . "what's in it for me?"

      Find out what the marketplace (your audience) wants first. It's called demand and it is critical to selling anything.


      Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Create based on your passion, it will help you generate the better content.
    You have the passion, you have the knowledge.
    Remember, Content is The King!

    Don't worry about monetizing, there are lot of query search about pain and disabilities, your personal experience would may help people those have the same experience.
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      Thank you for the responses. Gianbizz, that's what I've been doing, but I think it's critical to find the intersection between passion and the demand.
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        Do remember those Venn diagrams they foisted on you is math class? The ones where you had to find the area where the circles intersected?

        The only place you'll make any money is finding where the big circle that represents "what people want" intersects the one that represents "what you want to create". If you can slip "what they need" in there somewhere, consider it a bonus. Mostly, people buy what they want and use what they need to justify the purchase. Unless "what you want to create" intersects that, it really doesn't matter at all.
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    Reminds me of the quote...

    "And just like vegetables, we always don't buy what we need"

    You might be on to something, ebook12
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    People do buy what they want. Where your job should start is finding out what they want to need.

    it would be a even bigger bonus for you if what they want to need is what you want to write about.

    Lane Coe

    Information Marketing Consultant & Copywriter
    The Face of UndercoverVideoMarketer.com

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    Find a niche which is popular, Make money online, weight loss, bodybuilding, health etc.

    Find a product then promote it! You can create your own opt in forms and email follow up too as most come with just a sales page.
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    Looks like you need a step by step guide to help you FOCUS on getting results

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    Your situation reminds me of that classic quote from the ages everyone has heard about, "build it and they will come!"

    Unfortunately, this is a recipe for disaster if you're selling online. Ask any marketer worth his salt -- many won't even begin creating a product until they've ascertained that there is a huge demand for it.

    So before you go off on another random product creation project pursuing your passion, try to determine demand first before creating it.

    Make a list of all the niches and topics you're passionate and knowledgeable about, and then research demand for it on Clickbank, Udemy and in the real world -- browse through magazines and books in your bookstore.

    I'm sure you'll find at least some niches where your passions intersect with market demand -- these are the niches that you want to focus on.
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    What of those have you done or are you expert at? why would I want to read what you write about "making money online" when you apparently are not having much luck?

    I actually prefer to read larger more mainstream or "authority" sites for stuff I am interested in, not some little put together to make money and sell click bank junk site JMO
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    What you want to create may not be what the market wants. People want to make money online while sitting at the beach sipping coconut....and thus the wso section here has huge traffic!

    Always think of what the customers want to achieve!
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