New to the forum, new to IM ... best advice?

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Hi all. I found my way to this forum by way of Dean Hollands Quick Start Challenge. I figured I'd say hello and pop that WF cherry.

While I have been a long time eBay seller and kindle writer/publisher, the world of internet marketing is pretty new. Anyone care to share a word of advice for this noob?

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    Just stay consistent with what you're doing. Don't fall off the bandwagon when something is out of your comfort zone. Just do it until you reach your goal.
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    Focus only on ONE THING AT A TIME.

    Avoid the Shiny Object Syndrome.

    Keep experimenting and have fun with it.

    Eventually, you'll reach momentum and your RETURN ON EFFORT will skyrocket.

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    Hello BT

    I did the Challenge last year so know where you are at the moment.
    The advice you are given by the team on the Challenge is good, so keep at it and you will find that you will succeed.
    As noted above, focus on the one thing and keep doing that - only that.
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    IM is not easy, but dont quit. Everyone around you wants/expects you to fail, it took me 4 years to make a dime online and i went through ptc, adfly and all that stuff to really start making nice reoccuring income, The one thing I want you to pull out is its worth it... I remember when I made my first $200 selling a plr ebook, on digitalpoint, I showed almost everyone that doubted me and now I can grab my laptop and easily make a nice chunk of change to pay off some bills and help out some friends. You may not hit it off at first even though I hope you do but dont give up, even though that sounds cliche, you never know when the big break is gonna come....I was 3 days from giving up on IM forever before bam i got 20 sales out of absolutely nowhere. GOOD LUCK and youre in the right place..
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      Welcome to the A team. First, you're in the right place. Not perfect. But the most comprehensive collection of in-the trenches I.M information on the planet.

      So, feel free to gorge yourself on the information. But beware of information overload. It's best when sipped like a fine wine instead of guzzled like cheap beer.

      Plus, you'll make a better first impression on many people if you do the following.

      If you have a question, before asking it ...

      #1. Use the search function in this forum
      #2. Search Google by typing ..... Warrior Forum: Your Question.

      If you don't find your question answered or you'd like further clarification feel free to start a thread asking the questions.

      Happy Hunting, Warrior.
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    If you are doing well and earning a full time income as an eBay seller and kindle writer/publisher, stay there. The grass may not be greener on the other side.

    When you jump to a completely new venture online, you might lose focus and lose your existing income over night.
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    Originally Posted by btell74 View Post

    Anyone care to share a word of advice for this noob?
    Monetize your knowledge and grow a list of raving customers.
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      FOCUS is the single word.
      Don't give up until you get.
      Learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat

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    Have a lot of patience and grow a thick skin.

    IM is not an easy business... but the payoff (free time, money, authority status, etc.) is excellent when you figure it out.

    Lane Coe

    Information Marketing Consultant & Copywriter
    The Face of

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    I agree, monetize your knowledge on the eBay stuff etc!

    OR Find the right offer / system to promote.
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    Don't sell yourself short. If you're an accomplished eBay seller and kindle author/publisher, internet marketing isn't new to you.

    In which areas specifically are you seeking advice? How to utilize this forum? Niche selection? Marketing strategy? Other?
    "You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."
    ~ Zig Ziglar
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    I agree to all the awesome people here... Are you after just marketing or a new venture? If you're making good money on eBay and Kindle, stay there and concentrate in becoming the best of that niche. If you're a basketball pro and suddenly jump into baseball, you'll be out of focus and will end up poorly to BOTH games. I've been an internet marketer for years, I failed many times, and still soooo much to learn, everyday is a school day.... "I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times." (Bruce Lee)
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    My advice: If you are going to start a thread and ask for advice have the decency to stick around and respond to some of the replies. There were some great tips from some very experienced marketers who went out of their way to reply. If you ever visit your thread again hit your thanks button to show your appreciation to them.
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    If you have been a successful eBay seller and a Kindle publisher with a few books out on the Kindle Store, then stick to it because you can easily scale up both if not one of the two. I know many Warriors who moved from internet marketing to Kindle publishing and are doing well especially after writing a few books.
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    The first peice of advice I'll give you is don't buy products unless you are sure and ready to take action on it.

    Second - get a mentor and follow him, the easiest way I have found to climb the ladder of success.
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