I just sold my website on Flippa. Ummm... now what?

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So my Flippa auction is about to end and the reserve price has been met. My question is: What do I do next? How do I transfer my website to the winning bidder? (I have very few programming skills).

Is this easy to do? Does anyone know of any good articles or videos on the subject? (Or should I maybe hire someone on Fiverr to do it for me?)

(If it makes any difference, my domain name is through NameCheap and my site is hosted with Arvixe).
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    I should be very easy to transfer the domain. Please refer the below link from Name cheap for transfer instructions. This is not an affiliate / promotional link. Its just a help link from Namecheap.



    For transferring the site to hosting other than Godaddy, I would suggest install Backupbuddy to take the backup and share it with the buyer.
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    I've never sold on Flippa but I'm wondering why you don't go to the Flippa web site to find your answers. Surely they have some tutorials about how to accept payment and transfer a site. If not, you can always try You Tube for a video about the process.

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      Flippa support could guide you properly

      I can help you with OptimizePress setup and provide you with complete membership site solutions.

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    For about $5 or $10 you can hire someone on Fiverr to transfer the physical files to the buyers hosting.
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  • I gave them all the files and transferred the domain, they usually have questions help with that.
    soon people... Relax...
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      The first time I sold a website on Flippa (or Sitepoint as it was known as then) I just Googled it and found lots of articles detailing exactly how to do it.

      There are probably plenty of video demonstrations on Youtube too.
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        When I sold a website on Flippa a couple of years ago, the data files were huge and none of the regular backup/transfer programs would work with it properly.

        I found johnnyborga on Fiverr and he transferred everything for me fast and flawlessly. I recommend him highly.
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    Since the last price of your auction is very low indeed, transfer should be fairly straightforward.

    Since there's no escrow intermediary step needed, you only need to get in touch with the buyer and ask the buyer to either get an account with your registrar or put in the request at his/her registrar for the domain transfer.

    If you share the same registrar, domain 'pushing' is very easy (see Godaddy and others).

    As for the site files, again, ask if the buyer already has a host. If not, 'pushing' files from one account to another in the same hosting company is easy.

    If they are using another host, ask them to get help from their host company to help the buyer with the settings once you FTP the files to your buyer's server.

    Congrats on the pending sale!

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    This is suggestion for transferring the site data, so you will need to make a copy of wp-content and SQL database, put it in a zip file and send it to the buyer. Then they can install it themselves.
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    No offence to OP but maybe it would have been a good idea to research this before listing your site on Flippa .....
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      Originally Posted by salegurus View Post

      No offence to OP but maybe it would have been a good idea to research this before listing your site on Flippa .....
      But that would be the intelligent thing to do, as well as asking flippa to help with a flippa sale, isn't that what they get their fee for?

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