Can you unpublish then republish an ebook? Help please!

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Hi all,

I plan to publish an ebook. I was wondering if for whatever reason I decided to withdraw the book, can I simply republish the original copy again, or would I necessarily have to edit something like the content/cover/title?

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    Are you going to be selling the book on your own site or are you publishing on a platform like Amazon Kindle or Smashwords?

    If you're going to be selling on your own site, this should be no problem.

    If you're going to be using a publishing platform, different platforms have different rules. You might want to check out their terms of service.
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    Through what publishing house/company are you planning on publishing your ebook through?
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    I usually publish on Amazon Kindle so feel I can share my experiences. I've done both: unpublished and republished with no changes and unpublished, made changes, then republished. Never had any problems with either. Unpublishing does not mean they delete your book. They just take it off-line. You always have the option to republish by going into your back office and ticking off all the proper boxes to put your book back on-line.
    Hope this helps.
    Joyce Zborower
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    Sorry, I'm planning to publish exclusively on Amazon. Thanks for the responses!
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    Unpublishing a Title

    Begin at your Bookshelf and click on the ellipsis button ("...") under the Book Actions menu next to the book you want to unpublish, and select "Unpublish."

    Note: When you unpublish a title from the Kindle Store, it should become unavailable to buy within 24-72 hours; then become unsearchable from the Amazon storefront after a minimum of one week. It will not be available for purchase until you republish the item. Republishing a title after it has been removed from the Kindle Store requires approximately 12 hours.

    To republish your title:

    1. Return to your Bookshelf and click on the ellipsis button ("...") under the Book Actions menu next to the book you want to republish.
    2. Select "Edit Details."
    3. Enter any changes you may have.
    4. Confirm your Content Rights.
    5. Click "Save and Publish."

    Note: You can delete content, provided it is still in draft mode and has not yet been published to the Kindle Store.
    From the Amazon kdp site
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  • Once the ebook is out there, well unpublishing it would be impossible. You can always create a new version though.
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