Are they any long time Fiverr sellers here? Guidance needed

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I feel this is the right thread for this one... My Fiverr seller name is the same as my handle here; I did not wish to post the link as I did not want to come off as overly self-promotional; this would be strictly for other members to assess and offer me advice on what I could be doing wrong, or could be doing better.

Long story short, so as to not bore anybody....I have been a Fiverr seller since the beginning of the year. I always knew the toughest part would be getting those first few sales; it was only accomplishable by following the advice of an e-book author who advised us to seek out friends to help us by buying a "Gig" and leaving a good rating to look like less of a "risk". Once I became a Level One seller, I felt like things would even out a little and I'd be experiencing more activity. Trouble is, I am still a Level One seller; and according to the ins and outs: "By the time you have completed 50 orders with positive ratings in 2 months, you will get promoted to Level 2". Each Level grants additional features. There's the noobs, Level One, Level Two, and Top Rated Sellers (which I understand, are selected by certain team members based on different factors of excellence.) As you can see, I'm not worried about that one right now, I am concerned about the dearth of activity I have been experiencing lately.

This spring has not been bad at all...not tons of activity but enough to make me hopeful and to keep on doing well at what I have been doing. But July has been dismal. I probably had 4 orders out of all that month...Four in a month! I should have been getting four in a day!! (You really have to have steady activity on Fiverr, or it will seem like its not worth your while, since it is a "loss leader" platform where everything starts at "just a five" dollars, that is.) And 2 of those orders were actually from other less established sellers, who asked if I was willing to trade gigs with other words, kind of a lose-win..I didn't earn anything by doing that, but I knew that 2 more positive ratings were positive ratings, nevertheless. I don't know if anybody does that much. Never heard anybody talk about exchanging gigs.

But now I am just so bummed out I don't know what else to do besides what I have read in an ebook guide and viewed in a course online (yes, I ended up trying out a course on udemy) It is not like I was expecting to hit the big time, but I thought I would be a lot happier and busier than this. Heck, I even went back to my profile and checked to see if I hadn't been left some negative feedback that could sully my rep (apparently negative feedback can really hurt you early on in the game; only time it may not is if you are a Top Rated Seller who had the misfortune to deal with a rather mean-spirited individual who had expectations that were not disclosed early on.) My feedback looks good, actually.

I am so depressed, guys....This dropoff of activity has really gotten me rankled.
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    I've made over 5000 dollars off Fiverr when I had active gigs there.

    My advice to you is to put up a video and contact people who used your services before.

    Contact people who used your service previously and ask them to rank you and leave a review.

    You should also make variations of your gigs targeting different but related keyword tags.

    Keep experimenting until the volume comes back.

    REMEMBER: The best way to succeed on Fiverr is to UNDER PROMISE but OVER DELIVER. I've had so many clients refer their friends to me because I over delivered.
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    You can't just follow the ebook/video course, but must be creative about getting traffic and monetized more from your gigs.

    I've join fiverr about 5 years ago and my gigs are not showing on fiverr's search. Till now I still get repeat order from search engine, youtube, blogs or others sales funnels that I put my fiverr gig links on them.
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    After reading an article that talked about this, I had a look at my metrics....My conversion rate is 1.7 (that's altogether-it did not break down the numbers per gig.) I just know that could be a lot better.
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