Whats an acceptable dollar amount for an email subscriber

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For example if I had email 1000 subscribers, what in your opinion should that be worth in income per month.

Whats the lowest amount that is acceptable, in other words if I am so far below that amount, then I know something is very wrong.

Whats the highest amount that is realistically possible?

I appreciate that it will be different for various niches, but what would be considered typical amounts?

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    I have that same kinda quesiton but dealing with unique visitors and page views.
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    The best measure is "revenue per email sent" which depending on who you ask averaged 14 cents in 2008. The survey included the big guns of email content providers so it's probably pretty fair. Email supporting a commerce portal (a la Amazon) is often much higher, 40 to 50 cents, newsletter-type stuff is generally much lower, approaching 0. See The Leading Authority on Email Marketing Metrics EmailStatCenter.com
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    I have several lists; some are dead beat to the point I just want to delete them; I have two lists that each generate about $1000 per e-mail sent and they are not big lists frankly they are both under 1000 subscribers


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