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Hi all,

I was recently contacted by an individual claiming to have a large list of Skype, AIM, ICQ and other messenger contacts in the Niche that I work in and stated that he was able to send marketing messeges to that list and was selling on a PPM basis. I purchased 15,000 contacts in Sweden paying $1,000 up front and agreeing to pay an additional $1,000 after 10 conversions. I knew that it could be a scam, and it was, which bothers me obviously, but also leaves me thinking, is what he was selling real? I had never heard of it and the potential sounds great. This leaves me with 2 questions.

1. Is that what IM marketing is? I see talk of it on these forums all the time, but don't know what it is.
2. Is what he was offering real and possible, or just a nice thought?

Thank you for reading and answering (if applicable)

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    Hi David,

    Sorry to hear that you were scammed and seeing how this is the internet, those types of scams are all over. In my opinion, the potential of something could always sound great or too good to be true, but you will never know if it is true until you give it a shot.

    Better to know that it isn't real than to pass it up when it was real.

    To answer your questions:

    1. IM is actually Internet Marketing for short - - just an acronym.

    2. There are some marketers who actually do have lists of contacts to sell in certain niches. Also, it is a nice thought because having a list of contacts in your target niche will greatly contribute to your success in it and myself and many others agree that Internet Marketers NEED lists of customers/clients to sell products services to.

    Hope this answers your questions!


    P.S. I really like your signature!
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    Originally Posted by Davebrab View Post

    Hi all,

    ... I knew that it could be a scam, and it was, which bothers me obviously...
    If you mean Internet Marketing, sadly an awful lot of it is indeed a "scam".

    However it's a scam in a much broader and insidious way than most realise:

    1. First type of scammers are the people who straight forwardly defraud you. They simply cheat you out of your money. These are obviously immoral people who had no intention of ever providing you with a service or product and have no qualms about it.

    They are what most people think of when scammer comes to mind.

    However, there are more...

    2. The second type of scammers are the people who do provide a product or service for your money. Unfortunately it has little value because the provider has simply put together a load of rubbish, often old and copied from different places, and sold you it.

    Again they are immoral. They would argue they are not. But they know exactly what they are doing and hide behind a virtually worthless product or service.

    There are more than a few people like this inside IM.

    3. The third type of scammers don't think of themselves as scammers at all. In fact they genuinely believe they are IMers of good standing. They are scammers because they put together courses that seem to provide a service but, in fact, the course material has never really been used to build a substantial long-term business. They are selling stuff that they think should work but they themselves have never built a business from it. Ever.

    Worse still are the scammers who have built a business from their material, BUT the business they built is only selling it to other people. Their money comes almost totally from selling a course on how to make money. This last type of scammer accounts for an awful lot of IM names and gurus.

    So, is IM a scam? Yes it often is. Very few people talk straight.

    An enormous amount of people have bought courses (and gurus) for no real effect. Some of the lack of result is down to the person buying, of course, but an awful lot is because they bought crap and they didn't know it. It didn't look like crap. It didn't sound like crap. But it was crap.

    I myself became very cynical about IM over a 10 year period.

    Thankfully, eventually, IM fortunes changed for me, in a most unexpected way. I hope they do for you too.

    Good luck with your ventures.
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        That's a interesting question. What confuses me is why you didn't ask those questions "before" you forked over thousands of dollars to a complete stranger. Did you at least do a Google search? Check their reputation? Anything? If you did and couldn't find anything (success always leaves clues) that would have set alarm bells off in my head.

        Plus, you said you knew it was a scam, but you still didn't do the above (due diligence) and gifted them $1,000 anyway.

        To answer your question that's not what Internet marketing is ... that's what crooks, scammers and low-lifes sometimes "use the internet for". I wouldn't give them the compliment of calling them marketers. That would be like calling bank robbers - Bankers, jewel thieves - Jewelers or embezzler's - Accountants. They're just dishonest people who use their knowledge or skills to steal or scam off people's vulnerabilities. It's not the game that's dishonest ... it's some of the players!

        2. I won't waste your time answering number 2, you already discovered it for yourself at a cost of $1,000 dollars.

        I admire your courage to share your experience, so others can learn. Most people would have simply taken the hit in silence. It takes a lot of guts to share a $1,000 mistake in a place where everyone likes to flex their wins, how much money they made or how much they know. Big ups to you!
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    No, look! you know that it's a scam as you discussed in your post and still you made a mistake by paying $1000 for 15000 contacts. Now, it's a question up to you that you know the things and you also have understanding towards the things. Then why are you doing such kind of mistakes. They are doing just their work as we do in our normal life. Now, it's up-to you that what you want.
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