Product creation: The Do's and don'ts

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Hello all,

I've decided to create a product that solves anxiety. Maybe it will be a one big product or separate ones, where one solves performance anxiety, public speaking etc...

My question is what kind of format should the e-book take? Should it even be an e-book?

I am in the research phase now but when it comes to creating the product I am unsure which direction to go.

Any suggestions?
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    @bhwhited.. Are you really interested in building up a software product because thats more powerful than a ebook product. Let me know if you are interested.

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      If you know about anxiety and you can truly help someone it doesn't matter what format you use.

      Whatever is easier for you...

      Just as long as your providing value and helping people wont really care how they get the info.

      Also you can put it together and put it out there and get feedback and edit from there...
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    An ebook is fine, if you can convey the content in a simple, easily digestible manner that will help your customer.

    There's no clear cut, black and white answer here -- it can be a video or audio as well, or a combination of these formats. As long as you can deliver the content your customer needs and fix their pressing issue quickly and efficiently (in this case anxiety) that caused them to buy your product in the first place, then you are on the right track.
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    One highly engaging content delivery alternative you might want to explore involves a series of videos.

    Pair this video series up with a workbook at the end of each video plus tie-in to anxiety professional therapist referrals.

    Low initial costs to the users

    However, they pay you more and more if they want more value-added services.
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    Originally Posted by bwhited1 View Post

    My question is what kind of format should the e-book take? Should it even be an e-book?
    What ever is easiest for you to create...

    As long as it solves the problem the target audience is looking for.

    Ebook, audio, video, video slideshow, mindmap, etc...
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    Here are some ideas:
    • blog posts
    • clipart
    • cloud-based applications and online games
    • desktop backgrounds or wallpaper
    • downloadable music
    • e-learning
    • e-books
    • fonts and graphics
    • internet radio
    • internet television and streaming media
    • interviews
    • membership programs
    • photos
    • planners
    • software and mobile apps
    • templates
    • video tutorials
    • web graphics
    • webinars
    • website themes
    • workbooks
    • worksheets

    Get creative. You have a lot of choices there, and you don't have to pick just one. Combine a few and invent something new.

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    E-book with video series on the topic would be great!
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    Thank you for all the replies.

    I don't know where to start but now know where to go.

    Thanks again
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      Originally Posted by bwhited1 View Post

      I don't know where to start
      You would greatly benefit from Gumroad's Small Product Lab. It's a 10-day intensive training. Every morning you receive an email with instructions. There's a very active FB group for the pple in the challenge for those ten days, and people really went from zero to launch in ten days. Oh - and it's absolutely free. It's really fantastic.
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