Sales Funnel > Free ebook > Paid offer. Does this still work?

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Okay, so my blog is almost ready to be published. One of the best ways to make money is by having a sales funnel up front in exchange for a free ebook, then direct people to a paid offer on the thank you page, either an affiliate program or your own product. My questions are first, is this still a reliable way to make money online?

Also, I heard some marketers say that they struggle with email open rate. So to those who are successful doing this, how can I increase my email open rate and keep my readers engaged?

Lastly, how long did it take you guys to make steady monthly income from this method?
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    does it work? yes.

    you gotta test your funnel. have a rotator in place for your thank you page and see which page gets the most conversions or clicks.

    split test broadcasts to see which subject line gets the most opens. aweber makes this easy for you.

    etc... you gotta test everything in your funnel.

    best of luck,
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    • Agree totally with the previous post regarding the validity of the sales funnel model and the importance of testing.

      What I would say is there are numerous tweaks that can be added to ensure you get the best out of the model, exit splashes, links to other offers on the download page etc, etc. All that can add to the success of the basic model.

      In addition I would also say have a medium to ling term view of your funnel. In other words just because you are not making shed loads with your initial OTO, don't look at the funnel as a failure, you must take into consideration the revenue brought in by the whole funnel ie including the follow up sequence.

      As with most things the devil is in the detail
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    It's the ultimate way to make money in my book! We all can't start at the end of having a perfect funnel that is unique to you the first time. There is a huge learning/optimization process that has to become before the end result.

    The key here is to optimize your funnel first by getting the reader to become a prospect. The second thing you need to do is naturally direct them to the sales page of your affiliate offer. Either the sales page or the direct payout link! The idea here is not to sell them on anything but to lead them on a path where it just makes sense to purchase. follow?

    Thats where optimizing that part of your funnel takes place.

    By taking this approach you are separating yourself from the competition. The bigger idea here really is building that trust with your prospects and customers and providing the value. Do it because you enjoy what you like to do and the information you provide then when you suggest products to your list number one is your conversions are in the sky and number two is you just go from making 2 maybe 3 digit sales to making high 3 to 4 figure sales with a relatively small list.

    Again that is a optimization process that needs to be taken in itself. Writing effective emails that your audience is interested in and will click and open but when you have that relationship it's just so much easier.

    Took me over 3 but once I started things become much easier. management

    I have found that trying to sell on my thank you page first before learning who my prospect is has hurt my conversions. Sure you can make sales but I find a lower opt in rate meaning more unsubscribes and it's harder to get them to open your messages

    I actually also run all my subscribers through a double opt in process and you know what I have just about a very, very high confirm rate. Like over 95%. To me its leading your prospect through what is called micro commitments ultimately getting them to purchase your recommendation.
    Working to achieve higher results...
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    Never worry about whether something has
    been done, or is being done... just do it.

    Listen to radio and TV commercials and
    you'll hear the same "power words" used
    by all of them. It does not matter that they
    all are using these power words, what matters
    is that they always work.

    Sell More ...Faster!

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    Originally Posted by abilify182 View Post

    My questions are first, is this still a reliable way to make money online?
    Is selling something a reliable way to make money online?

    Of course my horse!

    You don't necessarily have to give away something for free...

    Rather instead just send to a sales letter.

    Completely up to you
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    Keep on trying your new sales funnel and you will discover which is better at conversion

    Give Up? Do it now so that you regret later

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