How would you sell continuity in the ADHD niche?

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I'm trying to think of a good way to structure a newsletter, membership site, or some other continuity offer for my ADHD audience. Anyone have an idea? Most people on my list are moms in their 30s with ADHD kids.

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    Check out Passive Print by Adam Nolan. Moms in their 30's are a good demo for his type of newsletters.
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    I'm a little creative about ADHD recipes or cooking videos? Mums in 30s like to cook, right?

    Think of something that they need constantly or even periodically but "the general society" doesn't really offer.
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      I think keeping it simple (Passive Print) is a great idea for moms of ADHD kids.

      If you use Passive Print...make sure that moms can easily find any ideas that you mention in past newsletters. ( For example, maybe a mom didn't need any ideas for last month about helping her kids fall asleep, but, uff da, now she does...and she needs it now! Remind moms in each newsletter that they can search their email [when they include the newsletter's email address along with a particular subject] to find the newsletter that covers that topic).

      I think it would be great to also include access to helpful videos that you have found on YouTube...such as, cooking videos (like OzDesign mentioned), parenting tips, craft projects (especially aimed at ADHD kids), etc.

      Also, I think ADHD moms might benefit from access to a forum just for them where they can exchange ideas about "what to do when..." or what natural supplements worked for their kids or how to help their kids deal with school, etc.

      Sometimes there aren't enough resources out there (locally) for ADHD parents, so, you might find it helpful to mention (advertise) your newsletter in the local classifieds (such as Craigslist). Local moms might be looking for help in their community section (under groups) or in the 'parent' discussion forum.
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      Originally Posted by OzDesign View Post

      I'm a little creative about ADHD recipes or cooking videos? Mums in 30s like to cook, right?

      Think of something that they need constantly or even periodically but "the general society" doesn't really offer.
      Let me capitalize on this since I have some experience in this genre.

      ADD and ADHD are the most over-diagnosed "condition" in the word right now and it is treated with extremely powerful drugs to alter how the mind works. We are basically giving our children prescription speed.

      In many cases, the real culprit is sugar...or allergies to artificial flavors/colors...or dozens of other things that can be controlled by diet. So that's your "in" for subscribers...teaching them that medicating our kids is not the most sensible answer.

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      That is a tough niche to crack. And I do not know if there are huge amounts of Buyers.

      I have found hobbyist niches to be the easiest to monetize. More so than medical niches from my experience

      - Robert Andrew
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        Delta 223,

        I'm not sure why you believe that selling continuity in the ADHD market is any different from any other market. The moms probably don't have ADHD so you are mostly going to be selling to the parents and I don't see that as any different from any other market. Am I missing something?

        You need good timely valuable content in order to have a successful site, but beyond that, the niche you're chosen IMO is no harder or easier to sell to than any other.


        Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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    Joint venture with pharmaceutical companies who manufactures treatment for ADHD.
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    As someone who has Adult ADD I will say this. Yes this is a real condition, one that I've spent my entire life trying to overcome. While I do agree that way too many kids are being labeled and misdiagnosed that doesn't take away from those who do in fact suffer from it.

    I will say that one of the biggest things those with ADD and ADHD face is the fact that we can't focus our attention on any one subject more than a few minutes. I personally spend about an hour every night trying to get my mind to focus on going to sleep instead of the usual 15 or so things which constantly flood into my mind.

    Since our minds are constantly going 90 to nothing we end up being forgetful and not remembering that we should be doing something else. For that reason I would suggest doing a service that works as a reminder system. Let your customers set up their own reminders and have a text message sent to them when its time for whatever they posted to be concentrated on.

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  • Don't required a whole lot of reading. Keep sales messages to one sentence or less
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    If you're still having problems finding a product, just look for one on Clickbank..I took a quick peak and already found a couple of programs that deals with the ADHD niche.

    Good luck.
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    Wait, what was that? Squirrel!

    Just kidding. I'm almost 40 and I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was in 2nd grade. And while I am full fledged ADHD, I agree with kk075 on the fact that it's seriously over-diagnosed. I'd even speculate that more than half of those diagnosed today don't actually have ADHD.

    That being said, if your looking to start a newsletter or membership site I'd focus on topics that are helpful. Some genuine education about ADHD and a lot more helpful tips on managing it. And don't forget about the parents. If their child truly does have ADHD, they are probably tired and spent. Genuine ADHD can be quite difficult to manage at times and a parent can use all the tips they can get.

    Want to get the parents attention? Give them something they can use today. Management, coping, stress, diet (a proper diet will reverse a diagnoses of many- but not all), education, tips, etc... A good facebook group and a support forum might pay off as well.
    Brandy Werczynski
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