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I'm looking for a high-quality ghostwriter - and I'm hoping I can get a referral or recommendation from someone at Warrior Forum.

The project is an "all-in-one" 30-day guide to financial independence. It's a non-fiction guide to easily getting out of debt, managing your current money, saving/investing correctly for retirement, creating a better lifestyle on your current income, etc. (Nothing too "wonky". It needs to be easily understood by most people.)

It needs to be focused more on "activites" than "information" - with things that readers can do to with their own finances - that they can see an immediate change from. Lots of specific, actionable activities readers an do - that will have an immediate positive impact on their debts, savings, lifestyle, etc.

I've posted this on elance and other freelance sites, but the bids come back a little too cheap - and the quality samples of those bidding are under par. This is for a system that may ultimately sell for $197 to $297. It needs to be top-notch, no fluff, and have correct advice and information. So far, the freelance sites haven't given me a good resource I feel I can trust with this project.

I've also got quotes in with all of the major ghostwriters and ghostwriting firms, but I'm hoping someone can give me a recommendation. If you've worked with someone who does quality non-fiction work - especially in the business, finance, or investing fields, I'd like to get their contact information.

I believe this project should run $10,000 to $20,000 once finished.

If anyone can give me the name and contact information of someone they've personally had ghostwrite a product for them - or even someone you just know is good - I'd greatly appreciate the recommendation. (Please send me a PM with the info, if you know someone)

Thanks in advance for your help.

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