I'm new here how do I make money over the internet

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Any tips, where do I start. I don't know anything about making money over the internet but I would like to know.
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    Start reading.
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      Originally Posted by Kyle Tully View Post

      Start reading.

      Just start reading quality blogs (not those who post to get sales/referrals). Be active in "make money online" type of forums. There are hundreds of ways to make money online, but choose the ones which suits your personality.

      Some methods require investment, you may invest by your own pocket or can start working online to earn some money and then invest.

      Best of luck
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    You have come to the right place to begin yuor journey online. Go through the pages in this forum and pcikup as many tips and ideas as you can. You will find a wealth of information in these pages and the best part is, it is all free!

    Internet marketing and earning an income online is a great way to get ahead so well done for taking the first step in joining our community and best of luck in your endeavours.
    Online marketing, offline marketing and various other things.
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    There are multiple ways to make money over the internet my friend.. and welcome to this forum.

    2. affiliate marketing
    3. article marketing
    4. create your own info products
    5. service provider.
    6. offline marketing (internet small business setup) -

    You can choose either one to start. If you're new to this industry, i would suggest you become and affiliate or adsense publisher.

    i think, you shoud do some reading and research on this forum.(try to search on each topic or visit all the categorized threads). There many good threads to read, rather than directly expecting someone to give you direct answers and coaching. Well, you can also look into WSO thread..here we have great helpful 'based-on-experience' products by successful warriors all in members price, basically cheap.

    good luck my friend.
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    1. Find stuff to sell
    2. Sell it
    3. Repeat if necessary
    "The Golden Town is the Golden Town no longer. They have sold their pillars for brass and their temples for money, they have made coins out of their golden doors. It is become a dark town full of trouble, there is no ease in its streets, beauty has left it and the old songs are gone." - Lord Dunsany, The Messengers
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    Try getting into Ed Dale's free 30 day challenge that is just starting. It's a great basic starting point.
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    I personally would start with Site Build It! (SBI! for short). I started with it, learned a ton, and went on to do other things. You can start with SBI! and even Finish with it. It can take a while but there is a great support community and an awesome action guide to help you out. For anyone starting out I think SBI! is a great option! sitesell.com is the site. Just take action and stick with it, you will succeed! My biggest mistake was jumping from one thing to another.
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    Grounded.....if I can offer one tid-bit of advice....pick one thing and focus on it. I started out with Internet Marketing back in February....actually I dabbled for about year but was thrown into it when I lost my job.

    The problem was, I tried to understand everything right from the start and I listened to way too many people telling me to do this or do that. Within a few weeks I was extremely confused.

    As Michael mentions try and get into something like Ed Dales 30day challenge...this will provide you with a good base understanding. But again, find something you enjoy...be that adsense, becoming an affiliate, article marketing, etc. and stick to it.

    And understand this....It Will Take Time! If I had to guess I would say only .05% of the people starting out in IM will make any type of substantial money their first year. But it will happen.

    I actually took the last few months off of IM and got my head screwed on straight. I took stock of what "I" am good at....not what others were telling me to be good at.....and now I am focused on doing just that....Hint - take a look at my signature below.

    So relax, take it all in, find something you enjoy and focus, focus, focus......

    Good Luck and Welcome aboard!!

    Todd K.
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    If Warriors are nothing else, they are incredibly patient.

    I'm actually surprised how many helpful responses this open-ended time-sucking generality has created.

    You folks are better than me.
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    TTT = Things take time...

    And so does how to learn the business.
    I have the web/internet technical stuff onboard.
    Just need the business part too.
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    Read and Do. One without the other will lead to lots of money down the drain and massive frustration.
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    Seriously, get on board with the 30 Day Challenge. It will teach you everything you need to know in a way that is not too technical or boring. And it is FREE.
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    I think you are at right place and and as you have got a lot of useful information about online business and I think you should be an active member of this forum and within 3 months you will have a lot of skills in internet marketing
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  • Welcome to the forum,

    One thing that you must keep in mind. ALWAYS.... Is never get sucked into the money making hype on the internet. There is a lot of it. What I mean is, if you see something, like an eBook that promises to teach you how to make $1,000/Day, don't pay for it, because it won't happen.. Its unfortunate, but true. If only it was that easy :p... Hell the method explained might have worked, and might still work for the creator, but the odds of it working for you, is very slim....You have to find your own way.

    From your thread starter, it seems like you are a complete newbie. Which is alright because we where all complete newbies once. The first thing you should do is find something online that you feel driven towards and stick to it. Checkout Google Adsense, Website Flipping, Affiliate Marketing, etc...

    Also, look into the basics of operating a website. Check out guides and tutorials on website hosting, how to upload a website, how to edit website pages, etc... These are all very basic things you should know.

    Hope this helped a bit.
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    Read Comprehend and execute do something you love and that you are passionite about
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    Just remember that contary to what alot of people think, that an internet business does not mean overnight success! It takes a lot of hard work to succeed in a marketplace as competetive as the internet. That said, if you are prepared to do the work and stick at it you have a good chance to earn nice money and be your own boss. This was my main motivation whenever things got me down and I didnt seem to be getting anywhere. My advice would be:

    Research first. look at how competetive the niche for the product you are thinking of selling is, you can get a rough indication by looking on google to see how many results are returned for the keywords you are thinking of, and checking backlinks for the top results. Google adwords tool will also tell you which are the best keywords for your product by showing you the monthly traffic for each keyword you enter.

    Try to find a product that is not too competetive in google, has good profit margins, and good traffic levels on the relevent keywords.
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    Hey there,

    I'm sure you've heard all what other people are saying but I'll give you one advice that might help. "Guard yourself against what is referred to in the internet marketing world as INFORMATION OVERLOAD." That is, in your quest to finding the best way to make money online, you'll come across all sorts of information but it's up to you pick which ones fit into your plan.

    Also, don't sign up for every piece of ebook or free report you see unless if you can filter out important info and get rid of what seems like too much hype. And oh, beware of over hyped products too. A lot of marketers tell you their products will make you that much within a certain period of time but after buying you'll find out it's something you already know or they simply don't deliver.

    There's more but I hope this helps...
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    Thats quite a broad question but it is possible to make great money on the internet with the right research, strong application and hard work. Firstly start reading some of the threads on this forum.
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    I'm no internet marketing guru, but I'm finding that flipping websites is a pretty good way to make money. It can be done with two streams:
    -- fast, quick and cheap sites for fast money and modest profits,
    -- sites that are developed & monetized over a longer period of time and sold for a higher price It would be easy to flip that for a higher price than you purchased it for.
    -- You could just buy a ready-made site, rewrite the articles a little, ad some new stuff, (outsourcing if you must) then put it up for sale. (eg my just the customized template of my present wso is actually better and more user friendly than most premium sites several times more expensive but are just empty shells without the quality substantive contents that my deal offers)

    In monetizing the sites, it actually gives you an interesting perspective since in the process of imagining what someone would want in your site, you just might do a better job than if you're doing it for yourself.

    Now, how to monetize?

    Well, for passive money coming in, Google adsense is one way. Adsense is about having a site with contents that will make the target market happy (not necessarily unique, but the site itself should not be a clone) . For example if you have a site about Bichon Frise dogs, with nice articles on how to feed them, their temperament, training bichon frises, taking care of their teeth, grooming them, putting those ridiculous dresses on them etc etc etc, google ads will pop up with stuff likely to appeal to said target market.

    Clickbank can be effective, but I find ads alone don't do the trick for clickbank, while an informative and truly useful article with no more than one affiliate link strategically placed in it (resource box has borne best results for me). Clickbank market sites have done squat more me, while these little articles have done quite nicely. With clickbank, it is best to cloak the link because people can and will clip off your clickbank nickname and replace it with their own, or just take it off so at least you don't earn anything for your efforts.

    Ebay and Commission Junction are other ways to go, offering better commissions than Google, but maybe demanding higher traffic since again people may hesitate in buying something if they know you might benefit from it (don't ask me to explain this aspect of human nature).

    Now, since people are going to try to bypass you making money if they can, you need to make them like you so much that they actually want to reward you for it because they like you (in sales jobs I've had, my sales definitely had as much if not more to do with people liking me than the actual product or service itself).

    Or create your own product. That way, how can they bypass you to paying the actual creator of the product, since that would be you? Creating your own product isn't so hard, but it should be useful to whoever buys it, not just hyped up fluff. The easiest way to do that is write what you know about, however esoteric or trite it may seem to you (people often overlook their greatest most everyday assets). If you know how to cook a mean barbecue, write about that, so someone wanting to barbecue nicely and please their guests will get good results using your strategy. Write something useful for said target market. That way your credibility increases and they'll want to buy from you again.

    Project HERE.

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    Wow thanks guys for all the info. I am also new here, I have been reading for a couple of weeks and posted a little and learned so much from the community here. Thank you so much for all your knowledge and patience with all us new to the field. I did not know about the 30 Day Challenge and signed up for it a few minutes ago.
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    Originally Posted by grounded4life View Post

    Any tips, where do I start. I don't know anything about making money over the internet but I would like to know.
    what do you know about internet? typing? copy and paste? graphic designing? programming? give us some idea.
    'Its better to live your own destiny imperfectly, than to live an imitation of somebody's life with perfection' -BG
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      It's been said before Ed dale and Dan Raine's 30 day challenge.Its free and it is left online so you can go back at a later stage.It's a step by step, a step each day towards getting you to make you first dollar online.It's an awesome teaching.They have been doing it for several years now.Both these guys make serious income from the internet.
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        there are a million programs/sites online that'll guarantee to make you money (and i'm sure someone'll try sell some of them to you in here)
        my advice is this:
        Read, read some more, this forum is the greatest source of information on this subject
        Don't spend a penny yet (the only money i suggest you spend is on hosting and a domain)
        Did i mention you should read?
        once you've read, then learn by doing, you'll likely make mistakes - but everyone does
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    Wow, that is a loaded question full of far too many possiblities.

    The simple answer is to read, but that is a dangerous one too. Here's a tip for newbs.

    1. Find a VERY reputable program, Mark Ling of affiliorama is great for beginners and you can READ a lot for free to start.

    2. STICK TO ONE THING until you are successful at it. DO NOT buy tons of programs. All you need is a blog and an affiliate program to promote. Clickbank is good for beginners.

    3. Write articles, submit to ezinearticles.com. Learn how to create anchor text and learn about SEO. Lots of FREE information on good SEO. Google even has great information for webmasters on their site - it's free, and if you can please them doing what they want, you're on the right track.

    4. Jump in and gain some experience.

    5. BE VERY protective of your money. Whomevers list you get on, even when buying from them, will be promoting other offers to you. SEE RULE #2.

    To Your Success,
    Chrisi Darrington

    Need Adcopy help? I've helped many students go from zero conversion to 2% - 8% with my reviews and suggestions - PM me in Facebook for details.

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    Wow, this thread is full of wonderful advice! I will re-read it again and try to take notes in order to build an action plan.

    Thanks again for all who have taken the time to give valuable feedback.


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    How much are you trying to make?
    flipping websites has made me alot of money.
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    There are a lot of things you can do to earn by just using the internet.
    Just search and read....
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    World Recognized Autographed Movie & Music Poster
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    Read and understand the discussions going on in this forum.

    Write an ebook on the subject you know well and sell it.
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      As others have mentioned, you can start reading. "Super Affiliate Handbook" ebook which costs $47.00 presents an overview of how you can get started and make money online. Another good product is "Make Your Site Sell!" which is free.

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    IMHO, Affiliate Marketing is the easiest way to make money online.

    But there's just no way I could go into it all here...

    A good place to start is the Mass Control Blog. Frank Kern's free content is awesome:


    All I will say is stay motivated. Never give up if your first 2-3 products fail. Just remember that every mistake is actually a lesson we learn. A lesson that you will know not to make in the future.

    Also, get Mike Filsaime's BFM Manuscript at:


    Hope this helps!

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    Honestly I would recommend senuke. Then use it to promote any and all CPA and affiliate offers. Senuke allows you to get content out quickly for both traffic and backlinks to your main sites.
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      Originally Posted by Bakai View Post

      Honestly I would recommend senuke. Then use it to promote any and all CPA and affiliate offers. Senuke allows you to get content out quickly for both traffic and backlinks to your main sites.
      I would NOT recommend SENUKE to a complete newbie.

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    A good tip would be to start reading this forum religiously, another good tip would be to start bum marketing, go to bummarketingmethod.com and read that to start.
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    welcome to Warrior Forums grounded4life!
    they are all right. READ... =)
    NE Autograph
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    It needs time
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    Well, you started at the best possible place. One great piece of advice is to pick a model and concentrate on that alone. So, if you decide to buy one ebook about affiliate marketing then stick with that. If you are on a tight budget I highly recommend the bum marketing method by Travis Sago - I'm pretty sure it is still free.
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    First thing to start is to set a goal. Now search into Internet and find any niche that best suit with your creativity and personality. After selecting any niche, best to know its basics then required hard work and your passion towards earning.
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    Welcome to the WF.

    Some great suggestions have been made here about focus, caution in trying to do too many different things and watch out for claims that you can do it all overnight and become rich. As my dad use to say "no such thing as a free lunch"!

    I would strongly urge you to read through the forum with a thought to finding a good mentor - one who walks his talk, one who has been there and has the T-shirt to prove it.

    A good mentor will help you learn, keep you on your path and hold you accountable to yourself for results. And a good mentor is not one who charges you a fortune to take his "course"! Some folks here quietly pick their students and help them as a way of paying it forward. Careful study of the WF posts will likely lead you to ones who will help you.

    Much success to you.

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    The number one thing that I am learning besides a lot of reading is to take action!
    May Success Overtake You!
    My smartphone Pays Me
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