Do Internet Marketers Cite Gross Or Net Gains?

by IXxXI
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I've noticed many internet marketers claim to make $100 a day or higher income.

My question to the community, do these figures include the amount spent on traffic and indicate net income. Or is it a gross income figure before deducting cash spent on internet traffic and other liabilities?

$100 a day sounds nice. But if $40 was spent to generate the traffic necessary to earn said $100, that number could be reduced once liabilities are factored in.

What types of ratios do internet marketers normally encounter in terms of income versus expense? What percentage of their gross income do they actually keep?
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    No one can factually answer that unless you've seen the books. But I can almost guarantee if you see it in an ad, sales letter or marketing piece they're talking gross ... not net.

    That's why when anyone claims making $____________ Dollars, I automatically cut it in half (because of expenses and taxes).
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    I've looked into a few and it's Gross statements. They may make $250,000 but after ads, taxes, paying freelancers, affiliates, etc, they'll bring home $50k. Don't believe everything you read lol especially if they're trying to sell you something.
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    Unless they specify that 's a net figure after all expenses, then I always assume gross. But as TheNicheMan mentioned, unless you actually get to see their books, you should hold some degree of skepticism.

    I rarely pay attention to those figures anyway because ultimately I'm going to do my research. If I see something that interests me, I will research the seller, I will scour the internet for legitimate reviews (if they exist), I'll contact the seller to see if they are reachable, and I'll check and see what kind of guarantee or money back policy they have.

    Always assume gross unless otherwise specified.

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    In my experience as an insider, it was always gross and almost always grossly exaggerated lol

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      You have to take everything at face value. There is a high chance that the claims are bogus and inflated. Even proofs of earnings can be Photoshopped.

      If you're in the WSO forum, look at the number of posts made, their join date, and of course, the outrageous factor of their claims. These are good BS indicators.
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