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First, be easy with me, i m not an english men!

I need to do a website for multi city, for each city we have to do SEO separament for more results in local search
Example: car dealer washington, las vegas...
In my country we have 2000 city, how can i manage 2000 key words in my site? with 2000 pages? with sub-domaine?with subfolder? with URL rewriting?
#cities #multi #subdomaine #url rewriting #website
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    • Actually, if you use category and tags pages appropriately and use aggressive interlinking you can get VERY good rankings without backlinks. There was a product called serpshaker a year ago - Serp Shaker WP Plugin that builds these sites. The SEMEasy guys have a proprietary builder that is supposedly even better to build "Serp Landlord" sites but I think they build them out themselves and rent those out by the month. Just make sure if building one of these megasites on Wordpress that you have good hosting as it takes major CPU cycles to build the pages.

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