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by BAC
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I am owner of unique genuine online business which requires affiliates to sell my online product but I totally dont know how to get active affiliates, I am ready to give 60-40 share. 60% for owner and 40% for Affiliate.

I am getting sales through organic traffic only. I want big sales from affiliates.

If any one of you knows the right source of active affiliates or list of websites other than clickbank and jvzoo then kindly share the information here.

Many Thanks,
  • You could try the Warrior Affiliate Database
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    A good way to getting potential buyers to see your online products is using a solo ad provider, l know this isn’t the same as having affiliates but if your sales funnel is good you might find using a solo ad provider more cost effective for yourself.

    If you do use a Solo Ad provider always do your homework and check out there testimonials because there are many so called ad providers who are willing to take your hard earned cash and in return send you rubbish traffic via using bots
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    Hi Jason,

    Originally Posted by BAC View Post

    If any one of you knows the right source of active affiliates or list of websites other than clickbank and jvzoo then kindly share the information here.
    Are those sources not working out for you then?

    It's not you. A lot of product creators think that they can just list their product on an affiliate network and the affiliates are just sitting there waiting for the next new product that they can promote. What most fail to realize is that those same networks also aggregate a huge number of competing products for those affiliates to choose from.

    If you don't already have a list of affiliates to call on, and demonstrated success with product sales - the affiliate networks rarely provide that initial "jumpstart" that most new vendors need.

    It appears you have come to realize that you really need to be proactive and take your product to them rather than waiting for the right affiliate to come to "discover" your product.

    There are a lot of ways to do this, but all of them (at least the ones I know of) take a little bit of time. You need to plan ahead of time (preferably BEFORE product launch) and begin proactively recruiting good affiliates. You know... affiliates with a track record - the ones that can actually deliver a reasonable amount of traffic to your offer.

    You can find some of those right here in this section of the Warrior Forum, but you'll need to take a little time to establish a relationship with them. Let them "discover" you from postings and responses here on the forum, and when you feel comfortable that they know you well enough, make direct contact with them to gauge their interest.

    Advertise your product AND affiliate program in your sig file... some may contact YOU before you are comfortable with contacting them.

    Watch the WSO forum for complementary product offerings. Most vendors supplement their income from sales of their products by also promoting affiliate offers. If you find reasonably successful WSO sellers who have sold products related to your own, they 1) have a buyers list (more responsive than most affiliate lists), and 2) their buyers will be more targeted toward your offer than the leads that most other affiliates will be able to deliver.

    Whether you do it here on the WF, or elsewhere, you need to proactively seek out the right affiliates - not hundreds of spam mailers. Consider offering a higher percentage to those affiliates that you have "hand picked" (and make sure they know that you are giving them a special rate) and give them a review copy of your product so they can do a better job of promoting it for you.

    Sid Hale
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    Post in Affiliates Program Database here on WF!
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    You can use any freelancing market place. there are some Affiliate people do this kind of work. I have seen one of my friend hire a freelancer from upwork. The freelancer work as commission based. You can check this kind of worker. Thanks
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    Originally Posted by BAC View Post

    I want big sales from affiliates.
    Originally Posted by BAC View Post

    I am ready to give 60-40 share. 60% for owner and 40% for Affiliate.
    What's your price point at?

    Because if it's anything under $100...

    That type of share probably isn't going to draw the type of affiliate you are looking for.
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    Sid, Well said, there are a lot of work going into affiliate marketing. launching an affiliate program alone will not make it, you will need to spend money on advertising, promoting your program to the right audience, and try to reach the affiliates.

    I am today affiliate for 3000+ advertiser and run 2 affiliate programs for our company, I admit I miss some of my own advertisers due to high amount of emails. Many advertiser are literally spamming their affiliates with communication ( daily email / weekly email / email about the previous emails ) among all of this madness, we are becoming more selective of the program.

    You are competing with thousands of advertisers on the web. More famous, more powerful, and probably more generous. Bringing affiliates is one thing, and bringing affiliates that you can make them drive traffic and sales is another thing. There are of strategy shall be put in place even prior to promoting.
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    Good to see awesome replies from wf users. very helpful.

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