need idea for my website please review it

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Hi every one, I have been working on my review site for one week marketing. I started out making it in a HTML and published that way and just yesterday i decided to use wordpress instead.

This is the first website that I make only to promote a product (my first affiliate website)

I'm thinking about putting a video on the top where I will show my face and talk about one week marketing to show people what is in the zip file that you download after you buy the product and also to explain to people how to go throw my website in order to get the best out of my review sins it is a detailed review.

Are you willing to look at my site and give me an idea? Should i put stronger call to action or what?

here is my domain ""

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    The page is quite good and everything looks okay. I know English isn't your first language so the grammar isn't all there. I don't know if that makes a huge difference.

    You might want to put a video testimonial on YT if you can do that? That always helps with marketing the product. I am not sure if you want it on the page, but video will help it especially if you can share the video to the various site there are.

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      @ Hackbridge

      Yes you are right, English is not my first language it is actually my third language, but i can speak English better than i can write, so doing a video where i do the speaking is better for me, beside i need more vocabulary to be able to write English contend.
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    I will give it a shot.

    The site itself looks nice, is easy on the eyes, it's clear and pleasant to look at and gives a vibe of efficiency. I prefer simplistic when it comes to reading about a product.

    None of your links on the left sidebar work. Each link shows an error 404.

    IMO you need stronger content. The writing is weak, drab, a bit awkward in flow and really doesn't create any excitement for me (sorry, you asked).

    The first paragraph needs to be much stronger. It almost reads like a book report rather than a product review that you are hoping will get people amped up to try. The content needs more positive urgency.

    I also feel that you plant too many seeds of failure to the reader.

    You need some technical tweaking and improved content. A video might add some pizzazz but IMO the content really needs work.

    I see potential! Good luck!
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      I would definatly add an opt in box...easy to do, Getresponse or Aweber will do you great. That way you can promote more products to the list that you build and you will be creating multiple streams of income.

      Hope that helps.

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      Thanks for telling me about the links that are not working, im sure they work yesterday, I have fix it. it works now

      Should i have the content on my site re written for me? get some one that has English as first language to write the content and has experience writing.
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    Looks kind of empty to me. I think you need more stuff to push your customer into ordering free 18 pages. Try adding testemonials and guarantees where everyone can see them.

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    Impressive that English is your THIRD language. You do quite well for not having full fluency!

    If you can afford it I would perhaps have a writer punch things up for you a bit so the flow is better and the content strong. There are all kinds of offers floating around in many price ranges. It will also be easier on your budget (I would think) as a writer would not have to start from scratch and can just fine tune what you started.

    I am sort of indifferent on video. As a (potential) consumer of a product I really like to read before I watch. That's just my opinion though and what I prefer when looking at new products. The only time I prefer video for a potential product I am researching is if the product is mechanical in nature and I *need* to see how to do it or use it.
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