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Is it needed to cloak all my affiliate links on my website? Can having non cloaked affiliate links get my website penalised on google or harder to rank?
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    no index and no follow your affiliate links it will help.
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    Cloaking Affiliate links certainly works great for your SEO. But If you want to use naked affiliate urls than don't forget to attribute them as nofollow. Google hate too much affiliate links in a page. So, don't make it more than 3 urls per page/post.

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    Does anyone know a free way off cloaking affiliate links?
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      Originally Posted by Solutions1 View Post

      Does anyone know a free way off cloaking affiliate links?
      You can use a wordpress plugin such as "gocodes" or "pretty link" to cloak your affiliate links.
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        Redirects and pretty links not designed to protect you from Google. They are designed to present a more appealing looking link to website visitors.

        Affiliate links are way too easy to spot in a web page. Even if you use a redirect or "pretty link" that visually makes a long affiliate link look more appealing, it still redirects to Amazon and the Googlebot simply sees the redirect with the affiliate code.

        Create a redirect from a PHP file from your server to you vendor page. This way, your affiliate links will not be accessible to search engine bots.
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    Create ONE PAGE on your site that has a presell for your offer. On that page, put your affiliate link to the offer. Make sure to label that page "no index, no follow" so that the search engines will not index it. Do not include that page in your sitemap or site navigation.

    Point ALL affiliate links anywhere on that site to that one particular page.

    It works well.

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    I cloak all my links using WP LinkShield. Use it mostly on FB since FB blocks everything! Got a link in my sig if you want to take a looksy.
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