How to Profit in the New Economy: Rise of the Freelance Nation

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hey warriors,

was reading an interesting article in money magazine the other day and decided it would be a good read for other warriors.

Its estimated that 30% of US workers are now self-employed, temporary, or freelance workers. Its expected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that this number will rise to 40% by 2019.

Its also expected that accounting, engineering, health care, law and sales, will also start to rely more heavily on contract work.

"We're in the early stages of what will be a really different era in the work-place, and a growing segment of workers will need to structure their career around this model," says Adam Sorensen, a compensation and benefits expert at WorldatWork, an association of HR executives.

Who's gonna be helping all these new people adapt online to create more business?

imo, the internet has barely gotten started;no need to worry about saturation.

to read the rest of the article, go here:

How to profit in the new economy: Freelance work - Jun. 12, 2009
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    Hi Jay

    It looks like I released my latest report at just the right time! I already sensed that freelance writing was on the increase, because many people see it as an easy way of working from home, as it were.

    On the other hand, more freelancers mean that prices are generally going to be driven lower... unless the freelancer knows how to separate themselves from the crowd.

    A lot of freelancers simply don't know how to "market" and "sell" themselves. So they act like they're looking for "jobs". I see that all the time with many writers, where they post the equivalent of a resume on their site, rather than any kind of sales process or pitch.

    Looks like I've got my work cut out for me
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      Originally Posted by Paul Hancox View Post

      On the other hand, more freelancers mean that prices are generally going to be driven lower... unless the freelancer knows how to separate themselves from the crowd.
      I agree freelance/writing prices will only be driven lower and lower (generally speaking) because of competition. Not only because there will be more people, but there will be more people expecting less money because of currency exchange. Obviously marketing and sales could help combat the price war, but its a good idea to know what you're up against.

      A good read for freelancers/entrepreneur is "Free Agent Nation- The Future of Working for Yourself" and " A Whole New Mind- Why Right Brainers Will Rule the Future" by Daniel Pink. He goes into a lot of details about this "new business" people are venturing off too.

      Originally Posted by Paul Hancox View Post

      A lot of freelancers simply don't know how to "market" and "sell" themselves.
      This is true.

      I'd say in general most people don't know how to "market" or "sell", effectively.

      This provides a money making opportunity to take people from job searching, sending resumes, and doing interviews offline, to transition to the online market.
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    and there had been a lot of people(skilled people) that we're laid off from work because of the recession. so the next thing to do, is work from home, freelancing.
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      We do live in interesting times.

      Apart from some core functions such as Defense and the IRS (!), if your job can be done remotely, it can be outsourced, onshored, offshored and every way which between.
      And yes, people have strong opinions on the pros and cons of that.

      Even in Japan there are rumblings as the 1st to get shat on during this downturn were the foreign contract workers. Then the Japanese contract workers. And now it's eating into the local permies.

      However, from an ethical marketer's perspective, such changes presents a dream come true - to have huge numbers of people come online looking to freelance, moonlight etc. They'll need lots of products, services and support to succeed. Hopefully they'll earn a decent crust too...
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        "Like Kill Quill On Steroids!"
        Mark, what does this mean (in your signature)? Is it a reference to a cartoon character or what?

        Thank you for satisfying my curiosity.

        Marcia Yudkin
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