What do you look for and need from PLR?

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No doubt that there is a plethora of PLR content out there but so much of it is saturated and poor quality. What type of PLR do you buy and what are the biggest issues you have with the PLR you find?
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    After I buy PLR from someone, if I find it less than stellar I will never buy from them again, no matter how big of a launch they make or how many affiliates are promoting it.

    -I appreciate content that has zero fluff. I mean zero. No "Chapter 1: What is _____[topic]?" to waste my time.
    -It has to be succinctly written without going on in circles. Don't take an entire paragraph to say what you can really say in one sentence.
    -It has to really be informative and deliver exactly what the reader thinks they will be learning about.

    Those are just some nuances; I'm sure there's plenty more. If I don't love it (or if it doesn't look like something I myself would write), I never buy from that person again.
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    hi brandyw, i've ever bought some PLR product...you're right most of them has saturated. but i still can use them for product creation ideas even i should be totally modification the content. the biggest issues i gotta is when i published them as my own product, we must defined what kind of traffic methode to promote my plr products
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    Here's a few problems with low-quality PLR:
    - Bad English in general, be it grammar, meaning, typos, etc.
    - No content, just basically repeating the same thing over and over again without adding a lot
    - Low quality content. If I buy PLR on a specific topic I expect it to expand on that topic, not deliver information I can easily find in 5 minutes googling

    Those are the top three problems with PLR for me.

    The number one thing I look for in PLR: actionable! I need to be able to use that content right away with minimal effort. Obviously I can turn it into my own voice but I don't want to do additional research on it and spend time thinking that some sentences don't make sense.

    This is if I am loading content to a newsletter, for example. Never used PLR directly for blog posts, in that case I only use it for research and really don't mind how good the English is, as long as it has stellar content.

    Make sense?
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    The biggest issue is the quality of content, by far. No meat, lots of fluff, zero insight.

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    Thanks for the responses, everyone.
    Brandy Werczynski
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    Where does everyone buy PLR from? What I have encounter is products so bad I wouldn't give them away!!
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      Originally Posted by Paul Pereira View Post

      Where does everyone buy PLR from? What I have encounter is products so bad I wouldn't give them away!!
      Contact a competent writer and pay them to create something for you. It's that simple.

      Rob Whisonant
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      Originally Posted by BrandyW View Post

      ...What type of PLR do you buy and what are the biggest issues you have with the PLR you find?
      I haven't really had any major issues. Normally, I'd have an idea of the quality to expect from the PLR content Provider, before buying.

      If a PLR Content Provider is giving away a free PLR Pack, or has writing samples, you can use that to get an understanding of the level of quality to expect.

      There are times where I've bought content, and never used it, either because I've moved on to another niche, or the content didn't really cover what I was looking for.

      But that's the accepted risk you take when buying PLR content. The content is pre-written. You don't get to decide what exactly the content covers and you don't know what the content covers until you've bought and read it.

      There are two things that I expect from PLR content, if I'm going to use it:
      1. Is it well written (can I even read it)
      2. Is it informative/entertaining (do I even want to read it)

      PLR content is meant to save time. So, I shouldn't have to spend time fixing up the content. And, if my reader isn't going to get any value from reading it, then it means it's not worth using.

      Originally Posted by Paul Pereira View Post

      Where does everyone buy PLR from? What I have encounter is products so bad I wouldn't give them away!!
      It depends on what you're looking for.

      Different PLR Content Providers focus on different topics. For example, if I wanted PLR Content in the Personal Development market, I'd first go to PLR.Me. But if I was looking for health related PLR content, I'd first go to PLR-Health-Wizard.com
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    I deal with PLR a lot as this is a part of my business. Whilst true that PLR items are not unique (you can google a single sentence from the PLR and you'll see loads of exactly the same sentence out there!), these can give you benefits like ideas, knowledge of the subject matter, and yes even facts and figures. You can try visiting lots of blogs and websites but you will end up almost getting the same information. I consider PLR as a raw material not a finished product. It's all down to you to innovate and make a difference. It just saves you time researching or even forming a topic. Many of these materials have been produced by established researchers, writers and ghost writers who are adept in their field though some materials are grammatically incorrect due to revisions done by inexperienced marketers or some software.
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    I've almost given up on buying PLR from most of the "popular" sources, as the content of the actual piece (i.e. ebook or even video tuts) is usually terrible. BUT I will buy some PLR that has very nice funnels included (beautiful sales page, thank you page, download page, etc) - because having that saves me time and can be worth the price of admission. Then I insert my own or customized content into the actual ebook that's delivered.
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      "BUT I will buy some PLR that has very nice funnels included" -- would you mind telling the PLR source?
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