Any WP Theme That Does This?

by Asher
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Hi Warriors,

I'm wondering if anyone knows a Wordpress theme/plugin that can create a landing page that looks like this?

If it can add on or remove more "nodes", that would be great. Kind of like the good ol' Google Wonderwheel if anyone remembers that. Each node should link to either an internal page or external page. I don't mind paying for a theme or plugin that already does this.

Been hunting around a bit but could not find anything remotely close, hopefully some Warriors here can point me in the right direction (I've tried some paid theme sites already).


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    You can easily add a totally blank page (no header or footer) to any WP theme. That page becomes your landing page. On that page you can add your "wheel" graphic and link each node to a "category" in WP. If you want to add a node later, just add another spoke to the wheel of your graphic and add a category to your WP navigation. Maybe this is more "manual" than you would like . . . but I think it would work to accomplish what you want.


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    Hey Steve,

    That's definitely a lot more manual then I'd like. That graphic I made was an example to get the idea across. But thanks though, I'm still hoping someone has come across something like this before - or can recommend a direction to go towards.

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