Anyone want to help a new newbie marketer ?

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could any successful guy here maybe support a noob and teach him his techniques for online marketing as I have been struggling so much. I would be extremely grateful ; )
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    I've seen these types of posts before...but usually the response is a bunch of "why on earth should someone teach you for free?" angry posts.

    So before that happens, let me just suggest: HOW do you want to market online? WHAT do you want to learn? Narrow that down, and do your research. Find successful people in that area and get onto their lists, follow them, etc.
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      What you're really saying is you want a mentor that will work for nothing.

      If you have followed the threads in this forum you know that IM can take a lot of work, effort and time before a new business is profitable. Most successful marketers don't have the time it would take to mentor you. In fact, they don't know whether you would do your part (most of the leg work) and follow through.

      I hope you can understand that we all want to support newcomers . . . but to have the time to teach someone one-on-one "the techniques of Internet marketing" is a huge investment of time for the mentor with no evidence of any return on that investment.

      Many of use have failed and failed, time and again, before we finally figured things out. If you want it bad enough, you can do the same.


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    This site has a ton of free advice that you can benefit from. Along with that, you can download some free ebooks and reports in the War Room that will show you how to market successfully.

    All serious mentors will charge you a high fee. It might be better to learn from scratch since you know absolutely nothing, and it seems like you may not have the biggest advertising/mentoring budget.
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    If you know absolutely nothing, here are few basic steps you should take to get you going:

    1. Make a product or find a product you want to promote (you go to or for example)

    2. Make a landing page where you will explain what you are promoting or what you are giving for free as a lead magnet (lead magnet is something you give in exchange for someones email address)
    I will be transparent here, so if you click on Download link at the bottom of my signature you can see how one landing page looks like, my lead magnet for example is free book. You will also need autoresponder for sending automated messages (Aweber, Getresponse, Sendlane...)

    3. After finishing first two steps you need to drive some traffic to your landing page. This part is for the most of people the hardest one. You can pay for traffic or you can try to generate some free traffic. These days facebook is maybe the best platform for paid traffic because of the targeting options they give. You can also get paid traffic through youtube, google, solo ads... (you can search this somewhere in more details, I don't know what are you interested in). My advice is, if you want to go with paid traffic, to go with facebook first, but you must be careful with it and read their rules before you start advertising because if you break some of their terms and conditions you can be banned. If you want to go with free traffic you can start your own facebook group or join some existing, try to engage with people and build your networks, it's more time consuming then paid traffic but it can also be worth. On youtube you can make some reviews of the product you are promoting and generate traffic that way too. I could go like this forever... I hope you get some general idea now. My bonus advice is not to promote just to make some money because you won't get to far, try to bring true value to people, if you can't look someone in the eyes and say honestly from your heart that the product you are promoting will help him you shouldn't probably promote that product at the first place. Most of the products you find to promote have 30 days money back guarantee so you can find the right one by buying and trying, when you find the one you believe in you start promoting and that's it.
    Free ebook "The Money Is In The List". This will help you a lot if you're struggling online. Download here.

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    Originally Posted by JamesCool121 View Post

    could any successful guy here maybe support a noob and teach him his techniques for online marketing as I have been struggling so much. I would be extremely grateful ; )
    Your question is very broad. What exactly do you need help with? What do you currently have in place? What have you already tested? I also agree with Steve (not related).
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    If you are totally new to online marketing, all I can say is - read, read, watch, watch and listen, listen. There's no magical or shortcut way to online business success than being a learned person in the business. You can ask an expert to show you his technique but without knowledge of the business, you won't understand a thing. Get your butt to the library, you'll see lots and lots of 'knowledge' left and right - all free for the taking. You can't expect an expert to teach you everything, he can only guides you or answer what isn't clear for you as you put a tremendous effort to the business. Online business is a commitment, a priority numero uno... many marketers failed because they're only interested but not committed.
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      Hey James,

      I have said it several times before but I adopted what I call "silent" Mentors.

      Worthy people I picked out here at WF and listened to them and watched what they did and learned from them.

      It is a pretty efficient and cost effective way to do it

      - Robert Andrew

      Nothing to see here including a Sig so just move on :)

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