Who Here Has Their Own Toolbar?

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I am about to launch a new charity website and was thinking about having a toolbar created. Since I've never done this before, I'm curious about all of the different options that are available for one of these toolbars. It would seem to me that having the ability to update the content on a regular basis would pull a lot of these people back to your site again.

Personally, I have as few toolbars as I possibly can but every time I am on somebody's computer, they tend to have at least half a dozen running and half of their browser real estate is gone. It seems to me that offering a toolbar to this kind of an audience would be an excellent way to continue contacting them, especially if they didn't take me up on the offer of giving me their e-mail address.

What options do you find most beneficial for use in a browser toolbar? Where do you go to have these created?

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