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I'm not quite sure what has happened here, but I subscribed to a list of an affiliate offer because I wanted to see what it's pitch was like.

Now today I decided I'll click through and see if there was an affiliate id being added in the email series.

I've never clicked on an affiliate link for this product.

When I landed and got to the order area I looked for an affiliate ID.

I found the ID was there.

I've actaully never even been on another site realted to this niche before either.

I'm becoming quite confused what has went on here, and trying to figure out if I was stuffed, or did the autoresponder series send me an affiliate ID, that rotates on and off.. because after clearing cookies and trying again through link in the email there was no aff ID.

Mmmm any ideas?

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    Clear cookies. Go to signup page. Check cookies, is it there? Signup and see if it takes you to a custom thank you page. Check cookies, is it there? Everytime you visit a new page, click a link, etc. check the cookies and maybe you can narrow down the page it was set on.
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