How to edit WSO before it goes public?

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Sorry for posting this here, but I've been waiting over 24 hours for replies through other channels, and I figured someone here might have a quicker reply.

I submitted a WSO and was notified it was approved. I need to make a payment then I'm told it will go live.

I want to edit it before it goes live. The video and help info suggest that's possible, but I cannot figure out how to access it at this point.

There's a toggle-switch in the submission form that says whether you want it to be visible in the marketplace, and I set it to OFF, assuming this meant when it's approved and paid for.

I haven't posted a WSO in a long time, and I seem to remember that you could pay for it, then see your WSO and edit it before it went live. There was a separate button to "publish" it or something like that.

Can anybody please clarify this for me?

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