4 Simple Ideas That Will Turn You Into an Amazing Cash Machine

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I have been a member of this forum for a long while. I have learnt so much from the incredible tips, strategies shared in this great forum.

In the process, I have made a small fortune using these techniques.
In the spirit of giving back, I intend to share some proven tips that has helped me climb mountains and conquered great heights in the internet marketing space.

I implore you to read this short article, think through it and see how it can impact your business.


If you are one of the few people out there who REALLY need more money in their lives and are ready to put in as much effort as needed to get it, then you should absorb the 4 ideas below into your consciousness.

>> The first one is this: There is a TON of money out there to make you and your entire family a millionaire.

I said this because a lot of people are affected by what I call a scarcity mindset.

They unconsciously think there isn’t enough for them outside there.

A true example is that of a guy who attended one of my mastermind programs.
He wanted to sell a product on “sexual enhancement for men”

But then, he heard my story about how a woman sold about 300, 000 copies of a similar product.

So, he got scared of selling his product because he thought there wouldn’t be any remaining group of men to buy his product since that woman sold those 300,000.

Now, that is a scarcity mindset.

We are talking about a market of a billion men online who are desperately searching for solution to their sexual problems.

Lesson: there is enough to go round. Just create something- it could be from a different angle, with a different slant or with a different edge.
I guess he never went ahead because of that FEAR.

Check yourself too.

I used to think I could only sell 2000 copies of one of my products within a month until when I challenged myself and sold 5,800 copies of that product within 5 days.

It is a scarcity mindset that prevents some people from investing into the RIGHT education and tools that will make them prosper.
Yet, they can spend that money on other frivolous things.
I know a woman who used to complain to me that she does not have money to run adverts to market her products online.

But, she came crying when she lost $5,000 to a fraudster who promised to help her triple the money with Forex and she lost everything.

A scarcity mindset is what breeds poverty. Unless you get out of it, you will keep struggling.
> The SECOND one is this: The amount of money you will make will be in direct proportion to how well you can sell stuff.
Stuff can be products or services.
But don’t deceive yourself by thinking you can sell ANY product or service.

To get really good at selling stuffs, you need to understand an invisible law of great marketers and that is law says “you should only sell what people want to buy” –


I don’t know how many times I have tried to drum this into the ears of people who just think they can come up with just anything and expect people to buy them.

If you can observe what people do spend their money on and get good at selling a lot of those things either online or offline, you will make a lot of money.

It does not matter if you are a college drop-out or if you have a Phd in extra-terrestrial mumbo jumbo
There is a smart guy beside the estate where I live.

He is a barber and owns 3 barbing shops but the guy is damn smart.

He rides a cool Land cruiser Jeep.

People flock to his shop from other estates just because he knows what people want when they come to a barbing saloon and he offers just that in his 3 shops.

It is the same online.

OFFER people what they want and let them know about it and they will happily open their wallets to give you money.

Let’s move on.

Four markets/products/niches that will always sell-

•Health- weight loss, skin care, body odor etch

•Dating- get your ex guides, how to meet a woman, how to attract your husband.
•Sex- this is huge.

•Make money online, internet marketing- this is massive
> The THIRD idea I want to share with you is this: The amount of money you will make will be as a result of how much traffic you can get.

Recently, I have been working with an online company that makes about $3m daily and they are able to do that because they have over 500,000 thousand customers.

Now, that is what I called massive traffic

A similar company in the same business but with only 10,000 customers will make less.

Even after you are able to identify stuffs that people want to buy and you know how to sell them, another very important work you have to do especially online is to drive traffic to whatever you are selling.
Traffic is the life blood of an online business.

If you are selling a product online either as your own or as an affiliate, you need to be able to get good traffic if you really want to make a lot of money.

If you don’t figure out how to get traffic or hire an expert to do it for you (which will require a lot of money), then you should get yourself a 9-5 job because even if you are selling offline, you still need to know how to advertise and get a lot of customers if you ever want to make reasonable money.

And getting traffic online is huge these days.

You can get traffic from Facebook, Google Adwords, ppv sites, Blogs etch

And all you need is just one good source of traffic to start from. I have a friend who has built a list of over 50,000 subscribers just from advertising consistently on Facebook.

> The FOURTH and last idea I want to share is the most powerful of all and it is this: “Whatever will happen to you is totally up to you”

I received a mail recently from a subscriber.
He was asking me to give him advice on if he can combine his education with doing business online.
Now, that is what I call – “shifting responsibility”

He is looking for someone to give him approval on what to do with his life.
How am I supposed to know if he can combine his studies with business?

If you can’t make decisions for yourself, your life will be a continuous ups and downs driven by other people’s decisions.

Will you spend that $100 to buy a pair of new jeans or attend a self-development seminar that you know will help you?

Whatever you decide is up to you because you will be the one to reap the fruit.
I started learning how to make money online when I was in college because I didn’t want to go through life worried about not having enough money.

I didn’t wait for anyone to give me approval before doing that.

Our life is a sum total of the choices we make on a daily basis.

If I catch cold because I keep exposing myself to the elements, I don’t blame the weather or anyone for it. I take full responsibility because I could have controlled it.

Determine to take full responsibility for your own life today.

Where you are going to find yourself tomorrow depends on it and don’t blame anyone when you get there.
That will be all for now.

I decided to send it your way because achieving success online is not only about the strategies to sell or other technical stuffs.

Hope you have been able to gain one thing or another from this short advice.

I will be back with more…
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