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Hey guys... besides the most effective marketing and business-building strategies and tactics used by the top earners online, there's another... often unseen... method practiced.

It's not the most exciting method, but I can certainly say it's been a HUGE part of the building of my companies.

It's the practicing of delayed gratification.

Sadly, most new online marketers don't quite get the ENORMOUS power and benefit of doing certain things today that won't necessarily have any payoff right away or even in the near future.

For instance, developing JV relationships...

Rather than try to persuade top affiliates to promote your product right away, it's often a better strategy to just try and develop a relationship with them, giving first, and doing what you can for them before asking for anything.

And, creating and distributing great content...

It's often better to be an online marketer who earns the trust of your marketplace BEFORE asking them to spend money with you. In other words, give first, and be patient, and when the time comes that you do launch something you'll have a loyal following who will know what you're about.

And, even with taking money out of your business...

For most new marketers I would suggest reinvesting any income you earn back into your business and education... growing your business BEFORE you start taking money out. Be patient with the money, reinvest it, and it let it grow and grow. It will if you use solid principles and be a little patient.

Personally, in all of my companies, practicing delayed gratification was always a big part of my overall strategy. I went into it knowing that was what I was going to do, and the dividends have been fantastic.

Hope this gets you thinking a bit,
~Todd Brown :-)
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