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I have a site that gets pretty good traffic and have different affiliate offers on different pages but the page that gets the most clicks to a particular offer has yet to get a sale. The other pages get sales but not this one. The product is a fairly high gravity click bank vendor which should mean a decent conversion, so my question is could someone have hijacked my affiliate link info for that vendor and how could I find out if it really has happened.
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    Off the cuff - test it yourself! Check your stats on CB - in the next browser tab Click on the link and see if it registers.

    Also, when you click on the offer, click on the purchase button which should lead you to the Clickbank checkout form. At the bottom of the form, your affiliate ID should appear there - if it doesn't or someone else's appears there, then you know!
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    Open a new private window, and click your own link.

    Continue to the check out page, and check the name of the "hop" at the bottom of the check out page.

    If it's your hop, then it's probably not compromised.

    If it ISN'T your hop, well then you might be in trouble.

    Post your link here if you'd like to have a third party (an uncontaminated third party) check the hop status.
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    If your link hasn't been hijacked, take a good look at the Clickbank sales page. See if your website page leads people to expect something different.

    Notice the phrases on the Clickbank page, especially things you know are hot keywords for that topic. (A keyword density tool can be helpful, to compare your page and the Clickbank page. Here's a free one: Free Keyword Density Analyzer Tool )

    Also, find out where your traffic is coming from, and what it says where they found your link. They had a need, you seemed to understand it, and -- when they clicked on your link -- they probably had certain expectations.

    If the Clickbank product (or at least its sales page) was a good match for what they were looking for in the first place (or what you convinced them they might need), they should be buying.

    If the problem isn't an affiliate link hijack, you might need to tweak your webpage a little to see improved results.
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    Just check the link, and then come back here with any information you have.
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